Are you planning to reinvent your concrete floors? DIY is the best way. Now you can change the look of your concrete flooring to a more modern way using the DIY method. You can transform the boring design into new cool, intriguing designs. Just follow these ideas.

Acid stain flooring

Change the concrete design to acid stain flooring. It is the most inexpensive type of flooring. The design gives you a beautiful look for the flooring and can help transform your simple floor into a more creative and interesting one.

Screen-printed art paper design

Another DIY method is the screen-printed art paper. If you want to give your floor a brand new look to your flooring, this design is just what you need. It will make your flooring look unique yet creative. The pattern will give your home a much-needed transformation.

Painted concrete floors

Imagine your concrete floor being painted grey or any shade that you like. It will be the best idea ever. The look of the concrete floors will transform into an attractive and fascinating one. Anybody who will come to your home will want to copy the look of your home.

Leather belt design

You can use the leather belt design to transform your flooring with a twist. If it is recyclable, then it is a bonus. With this design, you can make your flooring more natural and give a neat look to your home. 

Brown paper flooring

Brown paper flooring is one of the most affordable floorings. You can design your floor the same with minimal effort. It is an easy flooring technique that saves your time and energy. The design will give your home a natural, yet elegant look

Brick design

Another unique and attractive look to your home is the Brick design. Within a few hours of work, your flooring looks stylish. The brick design will give your flooring and home a complete look. 

Penny flooring

If you have old pennies with you, don’t worry but stick them on your concrete floor and create a pattern. This will make your flooring look more beautiful. The pennies can make quite a unique design that will give your home an easy on the eyes look. 

Repaint then stencil flooring

The next best idea is to repaint and stencil flooring. Here you can paint the flooring and create a design using the stencil you prefer. This will give your flooring a gorgeous look. 


These are some of the ways you can make your concrete floors more attractive. Use the available resources and paint your design on the floor to make it look beyond anyone’s imagination. So get set, tie your hair tight, take your DIY gear, and transform your concrete flooring into a marvelous piece of art.