There is no need to be concerned about your neighbor spying on your garden or yard while you are enjoying time with family or friends. If you have a limited budget, many privacy options can be used to block the view of your neighbor.

Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View

Grow Hedges

If space and budget are limited, you can go green and plant evergreens like Arborvitae and Italian Cypress to block out your neighbor’s view. You can add flowers or other plants to your garden for more appeal.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are a great way to create privacy in your garden. They can provide privacy and can be folded easily when not in use.

Layered Privacy plants

Planting a mixture of evergreen and deciduous shrubs, small trees, or perennials can give your garden a naturalistic look. It can be very privacy-inducing to keep prying eyes away from plants if you layer them and group them in odd numbers.

Wooden Boards

You can get privacy with wooden boards in various sizes and shapes. The best options are louver, horizontal board or wooden fence. Wooden boards can be found at thrift shops for a low price.

Privacy fence using old windows and doors

A privacy screen can also be created by using old doors or windows with louvers. Line them up against the garden or backyard you want to protect.

Rolling curtains

Rolling curtains can be another great option for privacy in your small patio garden. You can easily open and close them as you wish. It also allows you to control how much light is allowed into your yard.

Bamboo Fence

To keep your neighbors from looking at your property, you can make a bamboo screen to give it an Asian feel.

You can build a container garden.

You can create a container garden with potted plants like clumping bamboo and arborvitae. This will allow you to create a green border around your garden or seating area.

You can arrange your containers on wheels or use lightweight pots to make it easy to move around the garden for parties or maintenance.

Art Wall

This cheap idea can be used to block the view of your neighbor for one year. You will be able to create a privacy wall with just a few wooden pallets and some paint.

Make a tree branch fence.

This is another way to add privacy to your garden. You can use fallen branches from trees or leftovers from pruning to build fences or other privacy-enhancing areas.

To make it more private, you can add trailing plants!

Make a plant wall

You can create a living wall in your yard by planting large foliage and flowering plants.

Privacy screen for chicken wire

You can make a privacy fence using chicken wires. This is a quick and easy way to create a screen in your garden. For a fraction of the cost, you could even plant climbers or put twigs to cover it.

Install a corrugated metal fence

Installing a corrugated steel fence in your yard can create privacy screens. This fence is easy to install and has a sleek appearance.

You will be rocking your fence with just a few wooden beams, corrugated metal sheets, and concrete bases.

Create a vertical garden

Another great way to create privacy in your yard is to arrange plants. To create a colorful barrier, hang pots in wire mesh.