What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an objective, non-invasive visual examination of all areas of a property or house. A professional home inspector performs the home inspection. A professional home inspector will use their knowledge and expertise to get a neutral and impartial view of the house. This is a great benefit for homeowners, especially in home-buying transactions where sellers and buyers have different perspectives and opinions. A home inspection in Orlando FL provides a buyer with a better understanding of the house’s condition so that they can decide whether to proceed with the purchase. It also allows them to negotiate repairs with the seller and become more informed homeowners if they decide to buy the house. Although home inspections aren’t required by law, they can be invaluable in helping you to make informed decisions about whether or not to purchase a property.

What is a home inspector?

The inspector will walk through the house during the home inspection. The inspector will inspect every room. They will inspect the crawlspace, attic and basement. The inspector will inspect every 1,000 square feet of property in approximately an hour. However, this can vary depending on other factors. Agents and buyers are often present. Forever Home Inspection inspectors follow the InterNACHI standards for home inspections. Ask your inspector any questions after the inspection. You can ask them questions which will help you understand the process. Your official inspection report will be sent to you by the close of business the following day. The report will include detailed information, including photos. It’s always possible to ask for referrals or follow-up questions.

What a home inspector cannot do?

The home inspector is a generalist, which means they are knowledgeable about all aspects of the house. However, they do not specialize in any one area. The home inspector cannot help with a problem with the HVAC system or plumbing or questions about adding a room that would require a structural engineer. However, they can provide information and recommend a professional and preferred vendor.

What does a home inspection reveal?

Home inspectors can’t be omniscient or predict the future. They won’t be able to find every problem in a house, and their findings will not necessarily tell what might happen. The inspection is only valid for the day it was performed. Between the inspection and closing, the house may change. This is simply the reality of how complicated and constantly changing houses can be. Home inspectors can miss some things and not be able to anticipate all issues. Our home inspectors are often referred to as “superhuman!” There are just too many things that even the most skilled inspectors can’t see or anticipate.

Why is a home inspection still so important?

Although a home inspection may not be fool proof, it can still be the most powerful thing a buyer could do for themselves. Or for homeowners! A home inspection can help you make better decisions about your investment and purchase.