DIY projects are cool and trending, but a home inspection is certainly not one of them. You could be saving money as you have purchased your dream home recently, but a professional home inspection cannot be skipped for that reason. This is because a DIY home inspection lacks in certain aspects such as experience, tools, language skills, understanding the house structure, and so on. 

So, to help you resolve the dilemma, we have a list of reasons why you shouldn’t consider home inspection by yourself and hire a professional instead. 

  • You Might Lack the Qualifications and Experience.

One cannot become a home inspector by studying home foundations and structures overnight. Online sources are great, but they do not offer you a valid degree and profound experience in that field. You cannot analyze the hidden defects in a house. 

Only a professional can do so as they are qualified and have handled multiple projects of home inspection in kanata. They have a vast knowledge of different aspects such as plumbing, electrical work, and others. 

  • You Lack Tools and Time.

Home inspectors do not undertake repairs of the discrepancies in a house, but they certainly utilize tools for the said task. Tools such as infrared cameras, moisture meters, fault detectors are used in the identification of the issues in a house that cannot be seen with a naked eye. We cannot afford to purchase or rent this hi-tech equipment, and so, it is better to assign it to well-versed persons. 

And do you think that the entire process is manageable? Well, you will have to dedicate a large chunk of your time from your busy schedules. Hence, think twice before you commit to your house inspection tasks. Better to delegate to a third party and wait for the effective outcome. 

  • You Do Not Know the Seriousness of an Issue.

We assume that you can identify the issues during a self-home-inspection activity, but you cannot determine whether it is a serious concern or not. Maybe the issue needs repairs and can be fixed immediately. Or the issue is beyond repairs, and you won’t be able to fix it all. Remember that the house buying decision is a crucial one, and you cannot make assumptions or wild guesses about severe issues. 

You can even negotiate the said price of the property with the seller or the owner when you understand how serious the issues are. If not, you might be falling into a trap. 

  • Your Inspection Report Will Not Be Accurate.

No matter how impeccable your writing skills are, you might lack expertise in drafting an inspection report. A builder or an owner will not prefer to read an unprofessional home inspection report at all. 

So, for various valid reasons, assigning the home inspection task to a professional is the best decision ever.