Do you want to give your living room a touch of elegance? A brand new TV stand is all you need.

The right TV stand can make your home look amazing. You may have an old and worn-out TV stand.

  • Trendy
  • Harmonious with the overall decor of your living room
  • Oder you don’t have one and want to buy.

We have collected 13 different ideas for TV stands to style your home. Let’s take a look.

1. Timeless TV Stand

Ideas for TV stands number 1: A timeless TV stand is a safe choice. You can match almost any complementing furniture with the traditional structure and neutral tones.

To add storage space and decorative touches, a two-piece unit is better than a single TV stand. The upper portion can be used to store decorative ornaments, DVDs or books.

Do you like the one in this picture? Click here to find this timeless TV stand. This is a great example of Dogtas’ pioneering furniture design. It is suitable for both classic-modern and modern sofa sets. With its simplicity and chicness, this classic cut will never go out of style.

2. Retro-Modern TV Stand


With a retro modern TV stand, you can transform your living space into retro-glam. They have a nostalgic feel thanks to their distinctive geometric surfaces and wooden structure.

Retro TV stands can still look fashionable and modern by using modern furniture like contemporary-style sofa sets.

You see what you want? Dogtas has the retro-modern TV stand.

3. Attractive Patterns

Choose a TV stand with appealing patterns to shine the spotlight on your TV. A wood TV stand with patterns, such as geometric or leaf patterns, is one of the most stylish ideas. This will enhance the look of your living room.

Get the look Give your living space a stylish makeover with a Wood-Detailed Piante TV Unit by Dogtas.

4. Blue TV Stand

A TV stand does not have to be in neutral colours. A boldly colored TV stand can be a great addition to your living space.

For a balanced decoration and color scheme, keep other furniture in neutral colors.

A blue TV stand may be a good choice to add color to your living space. You can also complete the decor with a grey sofa and a dark or black wooden coffee table.

5. Oak TV Stand

Oak TV stands are another stylish option. With the use of brown tones, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living space. The classic-modern oak TV stands are not only beautiful, but also very sturdy.

6. Edgy TV Stand

Are you tired of boring TV stands? You will love these edgy TV stand ideas. This TV stand will elevate your living room to a new level.

Depending on the color of your TV stand, you can place a cool-toned or neutral-toned sofa set. You can add a bold TV stand like the one shown in the photo to give your home a luxurious touch.

7. Elegant TV Stand


TV stand ideas number 7 – Create a luxurious atmosphere in your living space with an elegant TV Stand. The TV stand looks more stylish and elegant when it is shaped or patterned.

It is impossible to find the perfect balance of black, brown and gold colors. These colors create luxurious decor. This TV stand can be paired with dark neutrals, mustard colors, or black.

A matching coffee table can complete your living room. For the final touch, add some leafy house plants in black matte pots. This is done to bring out the contrast between dark and green tones. It will also enhance the luxury appearance.

Dogtas offers the Diamond TV unit. It has a beautiful appearance and diamond patterns.

8. White Gloss TV Stand

For brighter living rooms, plain white is a great choice. White modern TV stands are versatile and can be paired with greys, beige and other soft pastels. You can choose either a sectional or a set of grey sofas.

To complete the decor, place a grey modern rug on your floor and add bronze ornaments.
There are many white TV stands models. However, a modern-classic white television stand with a marble wood-glossy metallic finish trio like the one shown in the photo will be more striking.

The wooden legs and marble-like design of the unit allow for marble and wooden furniture to be used in the overall decoration of the living room.

9. Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Black glossed surfaces with gold accents are the best way to reflect luxury. A TV stand that looks expensive and classy can be purchased at a low price to enhance your living space decor.

You can achieve a harmonious decor with black sofas, matching coffee tables and a matching coffee desk.

Quick tip: To create a contemporary and luxurious design, you can use a backlit lamp on the mounting part of your TV unit.

10. Black TV Stand

A matte black TV stand will add a modern touch to your living space. The regular TV stand shape is modernized with sleek designs and gold knobs.

11. Non-Ordinary TV Stand

Do you want a unique design for your TV stand? You can combine the design of the TV stand with the back wall behind it. How?

Paint the wall behind your TV with a bold, bright color. A wall mount TV stand can be used to display the wall below the TV. It should have a gap in its frame, such as the one shown in the photo. This floating TV stand can transform your living room.

12. Vintage TV Stand

Are you a more vintage-oriented person? In your living room, use a vintage TV stand. Old tones of wood combined with craftsmanship will give your living room a classic decor style.

13. Wall Mount TV Stand

Are you confined to a small living space? Because they are smaller than traditional TV stands, wall mount TV stands work well in small spaces. They leave more floor space and less clutter. The modern floating TV stand is a great choice and will seamlessly fit into any contemporary living space. It’s easier to find the right complement furniture for a mounted TV stand.

Bottom line

These 13 TV stand designs will allow you to create a vintage or modern living room decor.

A perfect combination of living and dining rooms can make your living space more attractive.