When you go out to decorate your home with the perfect interior options, the variety is almost dizzying. There are innumerable decorative solutions ranging from the highest price to the lowest, from contemporary designs to the vintage, and hundreds of creative patterns, materials and items to glam up your home beautifully. But, rest all aside, the main confusion often arrives in choosing between wallpaper for your home, or beautifying with a fresh coat of paint!

Today everything is trendy and available in millions of varieties. It may be the wallpapers that come in graceful designs and alluring colours; or simply the paints that can be found in excellent shades and multiple hues. Choosing a good pick amongst the two — considering which is beneficial in all terms — becomes specifically difficult here.

Important reasons why painting should be preferred over wallpapers!

Most of the house painters in Auckland like Total Paint would suggest you to select paints over wallpapers. Not just because they do the job incredibly well, but because paint is far better a choice than wallpapers due to below practical reasons:

  • From the durability point of view — Gone are the days when one would design a house and its interiors and then live the entire life in it without any change or addition. Today, people change décor in a span of a couple of years. Wallpapers are more difficult to scrape off – and even if you do, it may affect the walls that housed them. This makes any change difficult. that are of excellent quality would have a lifespan of just a year or a little more. Paint stays on the walls for years, but even when they fade, you can easily paint over them.
  • Better in variety and colours — There were days when people opted for wallpapers because they used to come in thousands of designs and large variants of colours, patterns and textures. Today, not only the availability of paint is in millions, but you can creatively swatch and mix and match them to create some incredibly creative designs.
  • Paints are tough — The wallpapers are highly delicate and couldn’t bear much wear and tear. Once your child scratches it or the dog pulls the corner, the entire thing has to come out in days. While paint stays tough on the wall and doesn’t get harmed much by physical wear.
  • Not a limited choice — Wallpapers are highly sensitive to moisture and can start peeling, getting patched etc. They can even get a high build-up of mould on it because of this factor. This means you can’t use it in kitchens, bathrooms and the exterior of your house. While paint can bear some amount of moisture and can be utilised in kitchens and bathrooms too.
  • Paints are cost worthy —Though investing in wallpapers doesn’t cost you much, but this solution is very fragile. While paint costs a lot in terms of materials and labours, but you can be well assured of the long life of the coat and no replacement for at least a few initial years.
  • Paints look classy and elegant — The wallpapers are often called a lower cost substitute of paint. While paint is what depicts elegance and classy charm on any wall it is used. The final finish, look and spread of paint are everything that wallpaper couldn’t ever become.

Painting the walls has been a followed pattern since years. This layer on the wall makes the place look elegant, gives a layer of protection, adds life to the walls — and thus should be the preferred choice.