Leading real estate professionals say that painting your home’s exterior or interior is an easy, inexpensive way to increase your property’s value and aesthetic appeal.

Research has shown that choosing the right color for your interior walls can make a massive difference in the value of your home. However, it is not easy or inexpensive. A professional painter must get the most out of a great paint job. Poor workmanship and wasted money will result if you take shortcuts or fail to vet your contractor.

Here are some tips to help you find skilled house painters in north shore that offer transparency in pricing and excellent results.

Get solid referrals for professional painters in your area

You have many options to find trusted and experienced house painters within your local area. You should not rush this process to save time. It could result in damage to your property, a poorly finished job, or the need to hire another person to clean up the mess caused by poor painters.

  1. Ask Someone you Trust–request referrals from family and friends for painting companies they have used, who provide excellent pricing and service. It’s likely that you will hear everything, including the details about how to get the best price and service.
  2. Ask a Professional – If you have recently bought a home or are about to sell it, your agent likely has a list qualified painters on hand.
  3. Search Online – The internet is a great resource for finding top-quality painting companies. Sites like Yelp and Houzz provide honest reviews from local customers. You can search for professional painters in your area or use more specific keywords to find the best company to fulfill your painting needs.

Vet Companies Helping You Find the Best House Painters in Your Area

After you have received two to three recommendations, you can go online and check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB conducts an impartial review of businesses in order to verify that they are genuine organizations committed to excellent customer service. Look for painters with an A+ rating and BBB accreditation.

Check references from the company. Even though you might find things not always going as planned on previous jobs it is important to verify that the company has taken all reasonable steps to protect the client’s property, and that any issues are addressed immediately. Ask for photographs of the job completed if possible.

Verify that your company has the required licenses and insurance. Every locale has its own standards, so make sure to verify the license number on your local government site.

Get Estimates From Several Contractors

Prices can vary depending on your needs so it is important to get detailed quotes from multiple contractors.

An average exterior painting job will cost $2,780. While an average interior painting project will cost $3-$4 per square foot,

Based on your specific requirements, the type of paint, amount of coats, trim work, and area required will vary. All estimates should be written and include a breakdown of all items.

Interviews with each professional house painting company

Next, call the top three companies that you are interested in to ask questions. This is a crucial step in the process as it will help you to identify the winner and eliminate the ones that don’t fit your needs.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask:

  • Are you a licensed paint contractor?
  • What time do you think the project will take?
  • How much does my house cost?
  • What is your guarantee? What is your guarantee?
  • What tools will you use for this project? What tools will you use to ensure accuracy and crisp lines?
  • What level of detail are you able to pay attention?
  • How will you protect my home’s exterior while you paint?
  • What size is the crew? How many hours per week will they work?
  • What are your plans for cleaning up the site each day? What will you do with the paint that is left behind?
  • Which brand do you believe is best? What brand of paint do you recommend for our project?

Once you have chosen a company, sign a contract to protect your property

For your protection, a formal contract is essential. It should clearly state what you are paying for, when and how long it will take, the brand of paint used (and the product numbers), and how your property will protected.

Reputable painting contractors will offer a guarantee on workmanship and product performance. It is important to specify when the contractor will return to repair any damage.

You can set reasonable expectations by researching professional painting contractors and get a great finished product.