Whether its weddings, Christmas parties, baby showers; or family get-togethers, class reunions, birthdays that we are talking about, photo booths are worth all the hype and rage. They could take an event from drab to fab in minutes. They can do wonders to keep your guests entertained and happy. Human nature speaks of curiosity, and every individual will at least be interested to check out the photo booth once. And what will follow is an unending batch of selfies and candid shots. Oh! And did we tell you they are an amazing way to break the ice and start a conversation between fellow visitors at the booth. This will create a livelier atmosphere and contribute towards the success of the event. However, just like any popular trend in town, there is a considerable population leaning towards the DIY or Do-It-Yourself way. However, this could quickly escalate from a life hack into an epic fail. Don’t subject your otherwise perfectly planned event to a mismanaged DIY photo booth just to save some money. The best option is to hire a photo booth in London. Occasions Photo Booth is one of the best companies to work with. They provide a quick, fun, and affordable way to make your party a success by providing a variety of photo booths all equipped with the latest technology.

 5 ways that a DIY photo booth is no match for a professional one:

When you decide to rent a photo booth from the specialists, you have a varied array to choose from. Each of them is so awesome that choosing one will be a great task in itself. Each of the photo booths are equipped with features and props worthy of uplifting the mood of your party. However, depending on the type of event you are hosting and your budget at hand, you could choose the very best one suited for you. And not to forget, weddings, birthdays, showers, and family reunions don’t happen every day. So, if you want to do it right, keep the following in mind:

  • Helping Hand: Now, the DIY route seems to be pretty smart, creative, and economical as long as you have it in your head. But, in reality, it is a lot more drudgery. If you set up a DIY booth, you need to get hold of the equipment, be responsible for its working, trouble-shooting any issues, setting up and packing away everything and arrange all the props. On the other hand, if you rent a booth, it is quite a hassle-free process. It shall be delivered, installed, and packed away by a team of professionals. They will be in charge of everything, including bringing people to use the booth, and you can just focus on having fun.
  • Props and accessories: Now, setting up the DIY photo booth is winning the battle halfway. The rest of it involves getting the rest of the photo booth supplies in place. And needless to say, it could get quite uneconomical to get a large batch of photo props or a few copies of each prop type and design for all your guests. Hiring a photo booth however will take care of a sufficient supply of photo props, backdrops, as well as the printed copies of the photos taken at the booth, and even a customized scrapbook for each of the guests. Now, how cool will that be?
  • Photo Quality: Rental or DIY, the ultimate reward is all about the end results, i.e. the photos. It won’t really matter how much money you saved if your guests went home with bad quality photos. So, it is very important to hire a photo booth company which will ensure perfect lighting and lab-quality photos so that each picture is Instagram-ready.
  • Photo quantity: Before you even think about setting up a DIY photo booth, think twice about the number of people invited and the amount of paper and ink you will need. There is nothing that dampens the spirit more than restraining your excited guests to a photo limit. And if you have to risk spending a tonne on enough supplies that can last you all night, you might as well do it the rental way, right? So, rent your party a photo booth and let your guests ‘click’ their night away.
  • Aesthetics on point: And last (but of course not least!), there comes the appearance factor. No matter how hard you try, there is going to be a visible difference between a professionally-made and homemade photo booth. Your event deserves the best, and it needs a booth that will stand out. So, hire your own photo booth and get it customised according to the theme and mood of the party.

So, these were the valid and to-be-noted points that you need to pay heed to before you make the final decision. Hiring a photo booth is going to save you a lot of time and you could concentrate more on some other sector like the food section that always requires a bit of extra attention. Even if your next event is a few weeks ahead, take your time to plan out each detail in advance and make your party a success. And as they say, a single picture speaks louder than a thousand words.