Wood siding should be strong enough to withstand the elements if it is to be installed on your exterior. It will be exposed to the elements every day so it is important to take care of it. Siparila Topcoat(r), wood siding can last for many decades with proper care. These 5 tips will help you get the most from your wood siding renovation.

Select the right type of wood

Wood siding is most commonly affected by rot. Pine has a low resistance to decay. If the moisture level is higher than 20%, fungi can form and eat away wood. However, woods such as redwood, western cedar and Nordic whitewood are naturally resistant to rot.

Wood siding can be waterproofed

Dry wood won’t rot so make sure your siding is waterproofed. Siparila Topcoat protects siding from moisture and fungi. The siding will last for fifteen years without needing to be painted with two layers of Topcoat paint on each side.

Protect Your Skin from Sunburn

Wood siding is very vulnerable to sun damage. The Siparila Topcoat paint protects siding from the harmful UV rays for years.

Avoid Water Traps

Incorrect siding installation can lead to non-slanted surfaces or poorly sealed surfaces. These surfaces can retain small amounts of water after rain. These are known as water traps, and they are how rot begins. Choose siding with a smooth profile to avoid water traps. Tongue and groove paneling makes a great choice as it allows each siding plank can be attached to the one below it. This creates a surface that draws water down with little risk of water traps.

Keep your distance from the ground

Avoid putting your wood siding on the ground. Wood siding that touches soil can cause damage. Keep your panels at 8 inches above ground. Also, remove vegetation from the walls as moisture can cause damage to the wood.