There is no denying of the fact that all of us share special bonds with our cars. While we step into a new year it is only fair if we give our beloved cars a makeover. Car detailing involves steps like a deep cleaning routine, polishing and so on that will improve the overall look and the performance of your car. There are different ways in which one can proceed to do car detailing. The following compilation will give a clear idea about car detailing and give you some expert tips.


It might always not be feasible to take your car to a professional just for a holiday makeover. During situations like these, a couple of products from the drug store can rescue you. Use the type of polishes that work on the principle of refined abrasion. Do not go for the polishes that involve more complex processes. Choose simple ones that are safe to use and produce effective results. Check if the polish is safe for body shop before buying. This will assure that you do not damage anything. There are numerous polish enhancers available in the market that can improve the effects of the polish and make the job look perfect.


The polishing heads used in the process determine the effect and ease of the work. Orbital polishers can help you handle the process at ease, especially if you are new to DIY polishing. These polishers will also give you an ultimate finish without any unwanted swirls on the surface. The conventional rotating heads might be a bit more “heavy-duty” and hard to use than the random orbital ones. It might involve a little bit of practice to get a seamless polish. Thus, using these polishers will help you get there easily. 


Many people do not pay much attention to tires and wheels during the process of car detailing. It is essential to wash and wax tires at proper intervals to maintain them for longer periods. Your wheels will start looking lifeless if they develop pits and unwanted stains. Eventually, improper maintenance can cause permanent damage and reduce the lifespan of the wheel. All you need is some good wheel cleaner and water with some mild detergent. Take your time with each wheel and do the cleaning. This will make a significant change to the overall look of your vehicle. 


Auto detailing is not just about the exterior of the car. You should periodically clean up the interiors also to keep it maintained. Every time you wash your car, make sure you clean up and vacuum the interior too. This way, you need not allocate separate time slots for cleaning the insides. Do a professional interior detailing job once a year to make your car sparkle like new. Companies that do mobile car detailing in Australia can get the job done very easily for you. They even offer door-step services at your convenience.


Car detailing dressings must not be over-used. If you use the right amount of dressing that can get completely absorbed into the surfaces of the material, the efficiency of the protective layer goes up. Over-using the dressing product will attract unwanted grease and muck and ruin the purpose of the product. If you feel like you have over-used the dressing, then buff the excess product off the surface before it sets completely. The typical absorbing time is 4 minutes. If some dressing remains unabsorbed after 4-5 minutes, buff it off the surface immediately.