It is no secret that the advancement in technology has made our life easier, streamlined, and more organized. If we are ill and need medicines, few clicks on the on-demand pharmacy app and you get it delivered right at your doorstep. You don’t have time to do your grocery shopping, no problem few taps on the app and the delivery driver delivers your stuff at the doorstep. It isn’t surprising if the beauty industry has caught in the on-demand wave. Beauty service on-demand solution takes care of all your beauty needs in just a few clicks.

What Makes Beauty Service On-demand Solution So Desirable?

Let’s make this clear first; you need not own a salon to have an app. You can still invest in this field if you feel enthusiastic about it. You can open a grooming beauty through an on-demand beauty app helping your customers to take care of their beauty needs.

Developing an aggregator business model can let you venture, grow, and expand your beauty business. The app will have a list of verified salon service providers along with their specialized beauty services and their detailed description. 

Once your customer feeds in the requirements, the app will match the criteria and provides a list of nearby salon service providers. The app confirms the appointment and the beautician arrives at your customer’s place on the same day itself. The entire process is automated, hassle-free, and quick to do. The elements of the on-demand beauty service solutions are the reason for businesses to consider investing in the beauty industry.

Lisa Clone App – Offer Potential Opportunities To The Independent Beauticians 

This amazing on demand beauty service app solution offers opportunities to hundreds and thousands of freelancer beauticians who wish to earn a decent income. Using the platform, these individual beauticians can be an independent service provider offering a wide range of beauty services at their terms and pricing. They can work when they want and take appointments as their schedule permits. Lisa clone app offers work opportunities where these freelancers can benefit by:

  • Working on their terms and pricing
  • Flexible work schedule – Be the own boss
  • Get introduced to the new customers
  • Get introduced to the events, workshops, and more through the app
online Beautician business during corona crisis

Significant Beauty Service App Solution Features

  • Social media login registration
  • The user can create a detailed profile with relevant information
  • Browse beauty services available from independent beauticians and verified salons
  • Choose from the listing based on ratings, pricing, specialized beauty services, work history, etc.
  • Schedule the appointment
  • Make the payment
  • Give reviews and ratings
  • Generate invoice

How Lisa Clone App Works?

  • The user will get to introduce to a dynamic splash screen home page of the app.
  • The app will provide a verified listing of salons and freelancer beauticians
  • Special offers to use provided by salons and individual beauticians
  • Get to choose the gender preferences 
  • Add beauty services and view the cart
  • The user gets to set an appointment – setting up the date, providing the location
  • Make payment
  • Give feedback/ratings when beauty appointment is fulfilled
  • Generate invoice

A white-label mobile app development company will provide you with the demo video so that you get to know about the app functioning. Once you have decided to make the purchase, the Lisa clone app will include:

  • Multi-platform operations
  • Performance scalability
  • Dynamic admin dashboard
  • 365 days of bug support and maintenance at no cost
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi-language option
  • Comprehensive customization
  • Launch in Play Store/ App Store

Lisa clone app is a revenue generation model for your business. COVID19 hitting globally, people are forced to stay at home thus; offering on-demand beauty services at their place is the best thing that your app can do.

Connect with an on-demand app solution provider to discuss your app prospect before making a purchase.