Self-confessed Dollar Tree addict. I can walk in and buy one thing, but leave with over $15! That’s 15 items! It’s crazy! It’s crazy. I walk in and see the adorable, solar-powered dancing flowers. I think, “That’s so sweet! I need it!” I then swing by the crafting aisle to see some stickers that I know my little girl would love. I buy three styles. As I pass the cleaning aisle, I notice these sponges in eight-packs. We always need more sponges so that I buy a set. I spend at least 10 dollars to get in and out of the cleaning aisle. Yes, I am serious! I said I had a weakness for good deals.
Now, let’s get to the point: organizing nail polishes, top coat nail supply, and tools. You can read more about organizing here. My nail tools and supplies, as well as my nail polishes, were stored in an old shoebox. This was not a great idea for several reasons. It is difficult to quickly find the right item, such as the cuticle file or the cuticle nippers. It is also difficult to find a particular nail polish color because nail polishes often fall over.

First, purge all of your polishes. You should get rid of any polishes that are dated, damaged or otherwise unattractive. Do the same for your tools and supplies. Don’t keep any obsolete supplies or tools that are no longer useful.

Next, I separated my polishes and my tools. Sometimes, I don’t want to polish (or re-polishing), but I do want to take care my cuticles and file my nails. This is how I have separated the process into two separate baskets. All my polishes are in the first basket of the Dollar Tree.

Although technically the next basket is a shower caddy (I think), I love that it has multiple compartments to separate different tools. To make it easier to hold all my tall tools like files, cutters and nippers in one place, I placed a small cup from the office organization. I also keep various hand and nail lotions, scrubs and creams in another compartment.

In the last compartment, I keep my small nail accessories like glitters. These were also purchased at Dollar Tree. These are so adorable but I haven’t done anything with them yet. When I get them, I’ll make a post.