It’s a fact of life that as we age, the elasticity of our face starts to lessen, meaning that we are now much more prone to drooping or wrinkles skin. Women and men spend millions worldwide on different creams, ointments, injections and even surgery to prevent this from happening but in actual fact there is no need to empty out your bank accounts on these treatments as it is very easy to give yourself a “natural” face lift without the need for any products at all. So here are some steps for you to try. This is a workout for the face known as facial yoga.

Facial exercises Steps

Step 1: The V

This move is good for anyone who is having issues around the eyes, be it from crow’s feet, drooping lids, or just general puffiness. It is very easy to do and involves placing your middle fingers above the bridge of the nose at the inside corner of your eyebrows and pressing them together. Your index fingers should be placed on the outside edge of your eyebrow and you should pull the skin out to the side, then look up toward the sky and squint with your lower eyelids. Once you have finished, squeeze your eyelids shut tight for around ten seconds.

Step 2: The Giraffe

This is excellent for anyone suffering from loose skin or lines around the neck as an alternative to painful treatments to lift the skin. To begin, tilt your head back and gently pull the neck skin down by stroking it, then bring your head back down so your chin touches your chest. Facing ahead, stick your lower lip out as far as you can as this will pull out the corners of your mouth. Point your chin upwards whilst placing your fingers on your collarbone and pulling the skin down gently. Hold it for a few seconds and then slowly lower yourself back down.

Step 3: Brow Smoother

The brow smoother move is perfect for those of us who suffer from horizontal lines on our foreheads (more commonly known as frown lines) but don’t want to go as far as having a botox treatment to fix them. It is a really simple move and, unlike the others, it can be done discreetly so you won’t need to hide away to do it. To start with, you place both hands on your forehead with your fingers pointing towards each other and spread out between your eyebrows and the top of your head, press down gently and slowly pull your fingers backwards across your forehead. If carried out correctly you should feel your forehead skin move underneath your fingers. Be careful not to press too hard though; you don’t want to mark your forehead. Those are just three different moves for you to try out. I have chosen these because they each target a different part of your face and neck. Actually, there are up to eighteen different face yoga moves which you can try. It may take a while for you to start seeing some results but it’s worth it for the money you will be saving on expensive treatments. I wouldn’t carry out these moves in public though. Some of them will make you look extremely silly and you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by a friend or work.

Exercises For Face

1. Double Chin Exercises
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3. Face Fat Exercises
4. Cheek Exercises

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