Are you struggling to remodel your small bathroom? Don’t let the limited space discourage you. In this post, we’re sharing our top remodelling tips to maximise a small bathroom. With careful planning and clever installations, you can make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing and functional. Let the renovation begin.

Small Bathroom Remodel

  • Install a Corner Shower Pod

Corner shower enclosures are perfect for compact bathrooms. Apart from optimising space, they are quite easy to install, clean and maintain. 

Instead of a regular shower, installing a shower pod will give you extra free space to include other elements.

  • Consider Shower-tub Combos

Do you love taking baths? Don’t worry, you don’t need to give up baths because of a tiny bathroom. Shower-tub combos are here to save the day!

Rather than installing a shower door that moves in and out, you should equip a shower-tub combo with a shower curtain or a sliding door. 

  • Get a Corner Sink

Similar to corner complete shower units, a corner sink will help you make the most of a tight space. You can have a fully-functioning bathroom without cramming the room.

  • Floating shelves > Closed cabinets

Storage is essential for any bathroom to store toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies and so on. But it’s better to put up floating shelves instead of closed cabinets. Closed cabinets tend to make a space appear smaller. On the other hand, floating shelves give a seamless look and also double up as a display for decorative pieces.

  • Put up a Large Mirror

Putting up a large mirror is an age-old trick to make a room seem bigger than it is. Place the mirror in a way that reflects natural and artificial light. When you’re choosing a mirror, avoid mirrors with an elaborate frame. 

If you want a floor-length mirror, you can install one behind the bathroom door.

  • Select a Wall-Hung Toilet

For a small bathroom, a wall-hung toilet can make a huge difference in terms of space-saving. As the bowl and actuator plate are the only visible parts, no space is taken up by a bulky flush unit. Also, they look quite contemporary and neat.

  • Stick to a Light Colour Palette

If you are thinking of trying out a bold colour palette for a tiny bathroom, we only have one suggestion- don’t.

Dark hues will further close off the space. Stick to a light colour palette that will give the illusion of the bathroom being bigger than it is.

  • Look for Multifunctional Pieces

Multifunctional pieces will ensure that your bathroom is functional without crowding the space. For instance, look for a rack that can double up as a towel hanger.

We hope these tips help you remodel your bathroom to perfection. Good luck!