Are you looking to enhance your outdoor living space with style and practicality? You should consider investing in the perfect outside flame pit. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to warm your feet on a cold evening or cook marshmallows with your children and friends, a fire pit can create the warm backyard ambience you’ve always wanted.

How can you ensure that your fire pit is operating efficiently and is beautiful for the years to be? Check our detailed guide below.

To Burn or Not to Burn

Knowing what you can and shouldn’t be burning in the burning fire pit made from wood will allow you to keep it in good condition.

To Burn

  • Dry wood, split: this is the most efficient fuel for wood-burning fire pit
  • Dead leaves and small sticks: These items could aid in the process of starting a fire.

Not to Burn

  • Accelerants Accelerants like lighter fluids, may cause more harm than good.
  • The trash that you throw away: household trash can release harmful toxins into the air

How to Extinguish Flames

The most efficient method of putting out flames from the fire pit would be to allow them to fade in their own time. If you’re working in a hurry then you could speed up the process of putting out flames by pouring water on the flames. But cool or ambient temperature water may alter the internal temperature too quickly, and cause cracks to form within your fire pit.

How to Remove Ashes

After the wood has burned and the flames go out in the fireplace that burns wood The process remains a bit hazy. What you must do with the ashes left over from the fire pit

  • The ashes should be removed from the fire pit in order to keep any acidic particles causing long-term damage as well as staining.
  • Put the ashes into an enclosed metal container following every fire.
  • When the container is full Then, take the ashes out and fill it once more.

Tips for the Pros: Don’t collect the remains of the fire until at least a full day after you have used your fire pit. This gives you the hot burning ashes to cool before you move them to the container made of metal.

How to Clean Your Fire Pit

After you have figured out the best way to ignite your fire and how to put out flames, and also how to get rid of ashes, it’s time to discuss the steps to clean the metal firepit in Australia. The method to clean it adhere to will vary based on the kind of fire pit that you have. Use our cleaning tips below to ensure that your fire pit is looking great throughout the year.

Masonry Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Although fire pits made of masonry are an attractive design for your backyard however, their stone construction requires some extra effort to keep. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back covered with only a couple of steps.

  1. Mix water and muriatic acid in the form of a bucket
  2. Make sure to soak a sponge that is durable in the solution, and using gloved hands, scrub the stones well.
  3. Cleanse the fire pit using water
  4. Make sure the fire pit is be completely dry before you can use it again.

Metal Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Fire pits made of metal are a preferred choice for homeowners due to their long-lasting durability, functionality and adaptability. However, they’re also prone to the formation of rust. Although you cannot always stop corrosion from developing on your fire pit made of metal however, you can eliminate it. Here’s how:

  1. Mix heavy-duty soap with water in an empty bucket
  2. Utilizing a wire brush clean the surface using the soapy mix
  3. It is possible to take the additional step of putting on the protective coat (like clear coating) to stop the further accumulation of rust. The kind of metal your fire pit is constructed of will determine what coating is the best for protecting it from rust development in the future.

Gas Fire Pit

With their simple on/off control, gas fire pits are very easy to use. They are also easy to maintain and clean since they don’t create ashy ashes which must be disposed of. Here’s what you must take care of to keep the look and appearance of the gas fireplace

  1. Cleanse the burners
  2. Pay attention to the fuel lines, and make sure they are connected and set up correctly

Cooking Surfaces

One element of your fire pit that you should not forget to wash is the cooking area. When you roast hot dogs, grill or cook vegetables juices and food particles are likely to remain in the ash. This build-up of food particles can take time and becomes harder to clean. It is recommended to clean any cooking surfaces that are used in your fire pit on the on the same day you use them; so that they’re ready for every time you want to use the fire pit.