This is how it would look. After choosing a moving company to move your belongings, you set up a pickup and delivery date and sign a contract. You arrive at your new home a few weeks later and your belongings are in a truck. You will not get your belongings if the movers add a lot of additional charges to your bill. Your belongings are being held hostage by the people you thought would be moving your heavy stuff.

These are the unfortunate realities of life. You need to be very careful when choosing a house moving service, and also make sure you are managing your contract carefully. Continue reading for more information on the following 10 pages.

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Research Companies

Do some research and find out which moving companies are good at what they do. To find out if friends have any suggestions or warnings regarding moving companies, send an email to them. Call references if the companies that you are interested in offer references. After narrowing down your options, contact the Better Business Bureau to find out about any potential moving companies. You should not use a company that has received a lot of complaints.

Get More Than One Estimate

Interstate moves are charged based on weight, distance, packing, and other services. You should get at least three estimates before you move. It is possible to meet with a professional relocation consultant and have them come to your house. The consultant will take a look at what you have and give you a rough estimate of how much it will cost to transport them. Ask the moving companies if their estimates are binding. Don’t accept a quote over the phone.

Make sure the Mover knows everything that must be moved

It is important that the mover knows everything. Here’s why: Any additional shipment to the estimate will result in a higher cost. Make sure that the mover is informed of any special circumstances that could make it difficult. Is it possible that the truck may have difficulty parking at your new home? You may be charged more if the mover needs to park further away.

Get Insurance

Your belongings will be covered when you are at home. However, they won’t be covered when you’re driving between homes if they are covered by homeowners or renters insurance. If you have a long commute, it might be worth purchasing relocation or moving insurance. If you don’t pay the movers to pack your items, they won’t be covered for damage caused by poor packing. You can ask the movers for coverage for damaged items. There are many types of insurance packages that you can choose from. The moving company is responsible for a specific dollar amount multiplied with the shipment’s weight, up to a maximum amount.

Pay close attention to the contract

bill-of-lading will be issued by the mover. This is a legal agreement between the customer, the mover and themselves. Before you sign the agreement, make sure you read it thoroughly. Keep a copy of your bill of lading with you. You will need it to prove your case if something goes wrong. Once you have signed the bill of lading you must pay all amounts. The bill of lading should include the following information: Name and address of the mover, type of payment it accepts, pickup time, minimum and maximum amounts, and any other details regarding payment.

Ask questions about the contract

You should ensure that the contract you sign covers all charges and rates, liability of the mover for your possessions and dates for pickup and delivery. Take the time to read through the contract. Do not make the moving company wait. Instead, read the contract carefully to ensure you fully understand what’s in it. Scams by moving companies are common, so make sure you verify the company before signing a contract. Trust your gut instincts and ask questions if something appears suspicious. It is not your intention for your moving company to take your belongings hostage or force you to pay additional costs.

Moving during the winter

You may be able get a lower price if you move between October-April. Your move should be scheduled between June-September, which is the busiest season for movers. Make sure you call ahead to get estimates and to negotiate a contract. If you’re comparing moving companies, make sure to have the estimates of each company on hand so that movers can see your belongings. This will let moving companies know that you have competition and make it easier for them to work out a deal.

Keep to your delivery date

If you need to change the delivery date after your shipment has been picked up, storage fees may apply. You should make sure that you can move in to your new home by the agreed date. You could end up having to store your belongings for a night which can cost you money you could have saved if you were more organized. You should also consider hidden costs such as the cost of moving a delicate item like a piano. Additional insurance may be required for high-priced artworks or the hiring of special handlers.

Verify your inventory to make sure nothing was lost or damaged

The carrier is responsible for any damage or loss to goods that Movers cause. You should note any missing items or damaged cartons when you receive your shipment. You may feel overwhelmed by moving and not have the time to go through every box once they arrive. You should review your inventory and ensure that everything is in order. You should at the very least verify that all items on your list have been delivered.

Verify that the company is legitimate

Scammers are very common in the moving industry. You want to make sure that you’re working with a legitimate company. You should verify it. To see if it is on the up, pay a visit. Do the trucks have clear labels? It is not a good idea if they are not. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration SaferSys Website allows you to search for information about the company’s motor carrier licence. To verify that everything is correct, enter the DOT number provided by the company. The address that you received from the company should match that on the SaferSys website. The moving company must be licensed to move interstate if you are moving to another state. A check should be made for household items.