What person doesn’t appreciate a well-fitting garment? Particularly when it comes down to the items that we use every day. The mattress that we sleep on is one of those commodities. It’s not surprising that knowing more about your bed is important, as it has such an impact on our daily lives. Queen-size mattresses are popular among Singaporeans because they fit comfortably in smaller homes. We’ve compiled a guide of queen-size bed measurements in Singapore to help you make your decision.

It’s good to be aware of your options, whether you are currently shopping for bedding or other fittings. We’ll tell you everything you need about queen-size bed measurements and more.

This article is primarily focused on the queen-size bed dimensions available in Singapore. However, you should also be aware of other available sizes. This table will help you decide what mattress type is best for your room. Please note that each of the measurements below can have a small deviation of approximately 2cm. Keep a small margin of error in mind when finalizing your queen-size bed measurements.

It is also possible that there can be some discrepancy in the sizes of mattresses across different locations and geographies. It is important to keep in mind that queen-size beds may not be the same across all geographies. It is, therefore, advisable that you only buy a queen bed or similar mattress in Singapore based on its queen size.

What is the size of a queen-size bed in Singapore

The dimensions of most queen-size beds in Singapore are between 150 and 190 cm, or 60″ x 75″. This can vary by a few centimeters depending on the brand. The height of a mattress can differ depending on its design and materials. While the queen-size bed measures 150 x 190 cm on average, the size can vary between 27 cm and 30 cm.

What is the price of a queen size bed

You may be wondering how much your queen-size bed will cost now that you have the dimensions. Prices for queen-size beds can vary greatly from brand to brand, but an average price range will give you an idea.

The price of queen-size mattresses varies from S$1,000 up to S$3,000, depending on quality and material. The majority of brands offer a range of prices, including basic and premium options for queen-size bed dimensions. There are other affordable and basic options available in the range between S$700 and S$1,000, depending on the brand.

You can also get a great deal on a mattress by using an interior design company like Livspace when renovating. Livspace works with a variety of vendors to provide quality furniture and fittings. You can take advantage of discounts by working with your designer.

What are the different types of bedroom layouts that fit queen-size bed measurements

The dimensions of a queen-size bed are larger than those of a single-size bed. This might not seem to be a big deal, but it can cause some restrictions in smaller rooms. Before you buy your bed, make sure that the room is large enough to accommodate a queen-sized bed. A room with a minimum of 10 x 10 sqm (9 sqm) is ideal for a queen-sized bed. Rooms with 9.6 x 10. The queen-size bed can be accommodated in Singapore in spaces with a size of 8.9 sqm or 9.6 ft.

It’s important to understand the different layouts for queen beds. A good design will help you save space, regardless of whether your mattress fits the bedroom minimum for a queen-sized bed. Here are some room layouts that are ideal for a queen-sized bed in a compact bedroom.

Square-shaped rooms

Due to its symmetry, a square layout is a great way to create a space that works for you. Due to the proportions of square rooms, placing a queen-sized bed in a small room is much easier. The queen-size bed does not have to dominate the room. It can be placed against any wall that is free while maintaining the symmetry of the space.

Please place it in the middle of the wall for easy traffic on both sides of the bed. You can also place your bedroom furniture opposite the bed or along the two remaining walls.

The L-shaped Room

You can make L-shaped bedrooms work even if they don’t always have the perfect symmetry for a queen bed. Consider placing a queen-sized bed in a corner to make the most out of an L-shaped small bedroom. This will make the bed only accessible on two sides, which helps to open up the space.

This corner can be used to store items and place furniture. This layout is better suited for singles or young children as it restricts traffic to just two sides of the queen bed.

The third option is to choose a room that is long or narrow

The length and width of a room can limit the dimensions of your queen-size bed. It could be that the wall on the long side of the room may not have enough space to accommodate queen-size bed dimensions, or the room’s width is too small for the central placement.

You have only two options for creating the minimum size room to accommodate a queen-sized bed. The bed can be placed against the narrowest or longest wall. You can use the space across the border if the queen-size bed can be fitted into the most limited of barriers.

Place the bed centrally against one wall or the other to create space for additional furniture. It also makes it easier to move around the bed on either side if more than one person is using it. If space is limited, you may have to move the bed to one side to accommodate a wardrobe or study table.

#4: For rooms with multiple entry points

Above is a second example of how a queen-size bed can be placed in a narrow and long room. Rooms larger than 10 x 10 square feet are ideal. The queen-size bed can be accommodated in a room of up to 9 sq. This is the perfect size room for a queen-sized bed in a bedroom that has multiple doors on each side.

Each wall in the bedroom, except the one against which the bed is located, has a separate door. Although most of these sliding doors are small, hinged ones could be a problem for a smaller space.

To maintain symmetry, place the bed in the middle of the wall without doors. It is important to leave enough space on all sides of the mattresses so that you can access each entry easily.

The ideal room size for queen-size beds

It is important to have enough space for the queen bed, which measures approximately 5 feet by 6 feet. Here are some other dimensions that you should be aware of for queen-size bed measurements.