A home inspection involves an exhaustive inspection of the condition of a house and is usually performed by a certified home inspector. Although they are typically conducted when a house is purchased or sold but home inspections can be conducted for other reasons like to evaluate the property’s condition following an event of natural nature. This process helps buyers and sellers comprehend the condition of a house and prevent any unexpected surprise after the sale is completed.

What happens during the course of a home inspection?

In a home inspection the structural and system components of a house are scrutinized, from the foundation all the way to the roof. It is a crucial aspect of buying a house and could take as long as three hours. The home inspector will examine for signs of termites, other pests as well as potential water damage. Following the inspection the inspector will submit the report, which will detail the problems found.

The checklist for home inspectors

Here’s an overview of the top five things inspectors of homes look at during an inspection of a home:

Foundation: A home inspection will check for cracks, or other damages in the foundation. They also will determine if the foundation can support the structure of the home.

Roof: It is also recommended to check for damaged or missing roofing materials and inspect the downspouts and gutters to ensure they are clean and in good shape.

plumbing: Plumbing systems is inspected for leaks or other issues. The inspector for your home will test the water pressure and check that the plumbing fixtures are in good condition.

electrical systems: The inspector will inspect the electric panel as well as every wiring system in the house. Inspectors will also test the outlets to ensure they’re functioning properly.

HVAC System: The home inspector will examine the heating, cooling system as well as all ductwork. They will also check the thermostat to determine whether it’s regulating temperature properly or not.

What is a home inspector “Not”

  • The term “home inspection” refers to a house examination does not have the same meaning thing as an appraisal. An appraisal is the process of calculating of a house’s value and is typically required by a mortgage lender.
  • Home inspections are not an inspection to be considered a code. Code inspections are performed to determine if your home is in compliance with the minimum requirements stipulated by the local building regulations.
  • An inspection of a home is not an exercise that is pass or fail. A home inspection is not a test of pass or fail. An inspection of the home is designed to inform prospective buyers of the condition of the house to help them decide whether or not they want to purchase it.

What is the outcome if a home inspection is able to identify the root of the problem?

An Inspection report will highlight any problems in the house that require to be fixed. The seller and buyer will discuss who is accountable for addressing the issues. In the event that the purchaser is responsible for resolving the issues then they may seek reductions in the price of purchase. When the buyer is accountable for repairs, they’ll probably perform the repair before the sale is completed.

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