There’s a good chance that Super Inspection Pros (SIP), will be the first choice when you search for “home inspector near me”. We are the go-to resource for homeowners, realtors, landlords, insurance professionals, and landlords.

Five Reasons Why SIP is the Best “Home Inspector Near You”

There are many reasons why you should choose us to inspect your property.

Inter-NACHI Certified

Current licensure and certification are essential for any contractor or real estate agency. All home inspector in volusia county at SIP have been InterNACHI certified. ensure that they have current InterNACHI certification, regardless of the company you choose.

This building certification at the platinum level is a sign of quality. InterNACHI certification shows they are:

  • It is necessary to stay current with industry standards. You need an inspector who can keep you and your family safe in a climate like ours where building codes must be updated to reflect the latest developments in hurricane-resistant construction.
  • We adhere to certain ethical codes. Hiring a building inspector allows you to get an objective, third-party evaluation of your home or prospective home. We are not permitted to perform repairs or receive “kickback” or compensation from subcontractors or contractors we refer to clients. This code of ethics is maintained by InterNACHI. This code is a violation that can lead to industry reputation and loss of licensure.
  • You can pursue specialty certifications. After becoming an InterNACHI inspector certified, you will be able to access specialty certification training. SIP inspectors are able to do more than other inspectors. We have specialties such as wind mitigation and Infrared Inspections which allow us to produce more comprehensive, detailed inspection reports.

Our inspectors are not only InterNACHI certified, but all of them are also led by Certified Master Inspectors. This ensures that we inspect every house like it was our own.

We are a regular partner with agents and realtors

SIP has many partnerships with local realtors and agents. This is a sign we are great at what our company does. Whether you are a realtor looking to partner with a reliable and accurate building inspection company, or a homeowner looking to purchase a home, you can trust our work.

Get your report in 24 hours.

We know that time is critical. You want an inspection as soon as possible. SIP can help. We guarantee a 24 hour turnaround whenever you contact us. After we receive all information, we will send someone to your inspection address within one business day. We provide a digital, real-time inspection report once the inspection is complete.

Depending on which type of inspection you request, the inspection report will include everything you need about your home’s condition. You can get the best homeowners’ insurance rates, negotiate better real-estate deals, and make necessary repairs or leave a home that is in worse shape than you thought.

The Final Home Inspection Reports Are Easy to Read

We won’t leave you with a confusing document stuffed full of industry jargon. Our reports are concise, clear, and easily categorized. Clients, agents and insurance agents can easily see the information and then move on to other areas.

We don’t just do the inspection. We are happy to discuss the findings and answer any questions that you might have. (see next). Our reports are easy to understand and read because of their clarity and organization.

Your final report may include items that were found in four categories.

  • Major defects
  • Minor defects
  • Material defects
  • Cosmetic defects

It is easy to see which items need immediate attention and those that can wait. The 11-month inspection will generate the report. This can be sent to your builder who is required to repair the items under Florida’s warranty laws. Our reports can be sent to the customer service department of any system that is currently warrantied for repair or replacement if there are material defects.

We are on your side

Our team is here to help you. Our consistently high ratings on Yelp and Google show that we are customer-focused in our work. Building inspectors who are meticulously trained and dedicated to their clients’ safety and efficiency will spend their time informing them about repairs and replacements.

You are invited to join us during the inspection. Clients and real estate agents enjoy learning about their homes through the inspection process. We might ask you to wear a construction hat, safety glasses and a mask during inspections. You should also wear comfortable “construction-friendly” clothing (closed-toed secure shoes or boots, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, etc. ).

We are experts in what we do, and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with others.