Are you thinking of selling your house? Inspecta-Homes can perform a pre-listing inspection near St. Paul to increase your chances of a smooth and quick sale. We are proud members of the Society of Home Inspectors and have the expertise and tools to provide exactly what you require.

These are the top seven advantages of a prelisting home inspection.

#1: Eliminate Surprises

Pre-inspection can be beneficial if you don’t like surprises, or at least those that are related to a property for sale. Your agent will have less to deal with, so there will be fewer surprises. Potential buyers may even waive inspections.

#2: Added Flexibility

Pre-listing home inspection in minneapolis allow you to make any necessary repairs before the listing date. This allows you to give the buyers complete disclosure during negotiations. You’ll also be able to request bids on the items that are needed to be fixed or replaced. This will help you to spend your money wisely.

#3: Extra Time

A pre-listing inspection is favored by many real estate professionals because it allows them to take a more thorough look at your home and pinpoint areas that need improvement. This is done to improve the home’s value and potential increase in price. Your agent and you might be able to do such an excellent job of establishing quality across the board that buyers will not need to inspect.

#4: Faster Financing

An professional home inspection before listing is a benefit for the buyer. It allows them to show their bank/financial institution that the third-party (the inspector) has checked the condition of the house before they make an offer. This step can often result in a quicker response from the bank when it comes to obtaining financing.

#5 – More Options

Sellers who take a proactive approach to inspecting their property have more options when it comes to choosing the company to do the inspection. The seller can also take an active role in the inspection by providing more details about the condition of walls and roofing, as well paperwork and dates regarding when and how equipment was last serviced (AC unit, trash compactors, furnace, etc.). When the last service was performed.

#6: Better Pricing

The seller’s agent may benefit from having a home inspector inspect the property and ordering a pre-listing inspection. This will allow them to increase the asking price depending on the recommendations of the inspector.

#7: Less Stress

If you have any concerns about your home, a pre-listing inspection can help you to resolve them before you list. It is important to be prepared and have a thorough understanding of your home before you begin the pricing phase.

For more information on pre-listing inspections and inspection contingencies or anything else related to the home’s inspection phase, contact Inspecta-Homes today