Are you considering building your own electric car? Lots of folk are doing it. Of course, who would not rather drive for $0.04 per mile rather than $4.00 per mile? Folk everywhere say so long to the gas pump, oil changes and tune ups for all time. If you’re thinking about where to begin, follow these six simple tips and you will be on the road in almost no time.

Choose the right auto to convert : The automobile needs to be tiny and light. The lighter the automobile, the farther it’ll go between charges and the higher your top speed will be. Now, be careful as the automobile must have sufficient space to mount the batteries you will need on board, so don’t utilize a Mini for instance. A compact or little pickup van works great.

Choose an auto with a manual transmission : Manual transmission cars convert a heap less complicated. If you are unable to or do not really want to drive a stick, do not be disturbed.You will not have to shift at all once the conversion is completed.

Check the automobile : Check the undercarriage, breaks, tires, transmission, etc to be sure there are not issues there before you purchase. I have got a technician mate I really like to take a long with me for this purpose. Remember, you need to find something that’s in excellent condition all around. The electrical motor and batteries you’re going to use will last an especially long time, so you wish to ensure the automobile itself has enough remaining life in it to hold up.

Finding that perfect conversion vehicle : If you look round a bit you can pick up a second hand car with engine damage – or NO engine – that is otherwise in superb condition at incredibly inexpensive costs. Check the local classifieds, online auction sites, online classifieds, and so on. A car with a bad engine isn’t of much price to the average driver nevertheless it is pure gold to me and you.

Pull the motor : Now that you have found your ideal conversion vehicle, you will have to pull the motor if it has one. This actually isn’t that tough to do. Hire an engine hoist and hire a pal or two to help. Occasionally you can get a technician to do it for you. I have worked deals before where the engineer had an interest in the engine for parts. In this example, they will frequently pull the engine for free if you let them keep it.

Get a good guide to follow : This is important.The right plans will lead you step by step through the whole project. As significantly though , the right instruction manual provides precious info concerning how to find all of your parts awfully inexpensively-and in a few cases even free. This one step can finish up saving you a large amount of cash on the project.

In most situations, by investing $50 up front for a good set of plans you can complete the whole conversion for $500 or less. Compare this to the $6000 or even more that you would spend on one of the electric automobile conversion kits for sale and you will soon see the knowledge of this technique. The DIY electrical auto conversion is a great project. Its fun, cheap and straightforward to finish.