Paying for car repairs is a responsibility everyone begrudges, but our vehicles aren’t there for entertainment (although they’re handy for that, too). A vehicle is an essential tool to enable professionals (including you) to get where they need to go each day. Still, investing so much of your hard-earned cash into your car can be frustrating. If you need to find a way to finance expensive vehicle repairs, here are five tips that will combat breakdown blues and get you mobile again: 

  • Check Whether Your Car Is Under Warranty    

If you need to finance car repairs after you’ve been in an accident, and you have had some damage done to your vehicle, you might be able to have it repaired without spending any of your own money. Alternatively, if you’ve had a breakdown and your car needs mechanical repairs, you can look at low-interest money loans if you don’t have a payment plan that covers this kind of service.             

  • Get Quotes From Multiple Repair Shops

Most repair shops will want to assess the vehicle, but when you explain that the car isn’t moveable, they can use the assessment from the initial repair shop and quote based on that. They might tell you that they can’t say whether or not they agree with the findings of the initial repair shop. However, they will offer you their own quote either way. 

Some auto repair shops do overcharge. You can use small businesses to source lower prices and gain more value – small businesses are often eager to please and due to lower overheads, able to charge less. 

  • Reach Out To Your Friends And Community

If you’ve gotten multiple quotes and even the most competitive is still too steep for your budget, reach out to your local community. You don’t have to use an established business. Create a post on social media sites asking for reasonable repairs. Friends and family sometimes harbor some surprising hidden talents. Often, a friend’s cousin or a distant relative might have the skills and time needed, even though they work in a completely different industry. There is also the chance that your friends and family may have contacts who work in the industry but would happily do a job on the side for a reduced rate. 

  • Find An Auto Repair Shop That Will Take Payments In Instalments

If you have quotes from multiple repair shops, follow up your conversation with them and explain that while you see value in their services, it’s simply not affordable for you. Politely ask if they offer a repayment plan to handle the work and enable you to get mobile again. Surprisingly, many auto repair shops have adopted repayment plans. You may also find that businesses operating in nearby small towns or outlying areas are more inclined to assist in this way.

  • Take Out A Low-Interest Loan

Low-interest loans might not be your first choice, but unless you’re in a position where you’re needing debt management or debt consolidation, it’s a good option. Lower interest rates mean your monthly payments will be lower and more likely to fit into your budget. This option is a great alternative if you can’t find a repair shop that will allow you to pay in installments. 

Finding A Way

If you acquired your vehicle by taking over someone else’s payment plan, your installments might include motor service and repairs as part of the monthly repayments. Also, check with your insurance provider – often there are forgotten clauses and services in your agreement that cover you in these situations.