The mere thought of driving a vehicle that is not equipped with an air conditioner can experience discomfort. It’s not a good idea to drive around during a scorching summer day the typical high temperatures seen in Dubai, UAE with the car’s air conditioner not functioning. While the air conditioner serves as a way to cool off the heat, it poses security concerns for health too. The heat in your car, and with an ac that is not working properly, could result in serious health problems such as a feeling of nausea, dizziness, or the possibility of suffering from heatstroke.

Why your car’s air conditioner isn’t producing cold air.

The most common cause for the car’s air conditioner blowing hot air can be a defective compressor or a leakage in the coolant. There are a variety of car AC cooling issues that could be due to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, hot air flowing out of it, or a cooling system blasting cool air rather than maintaining the right cold temperatures.

In the normal expectation of getting cool air, the switch turns off your cooling system; however, the question is when you’re confronted by warmer air. There are a variety of causes of the reason your air conditioner is generating warm air instead of cold air. The different reasons for why your air conditioner isn’t functioning and isn’t providing cool air may be due to the general repair or maintenance necessity for the many elements that are part of the cooling mechanism of a car.

Here are eight reasons to determine the reason your air conditioner isn’t operating in a proper manner:

1. Low Charge.

Your air conditioner may not be producing cool air as it is operating at a low charge. Of all the possible causes of a car’s ac failing, it is the most frequent reason that is encountered. A low level of charge within the air conditioner could be the reason behind not enough cooling. The only solution is to recharge the air cooling. Recharge the refrigerant on your own or hire a professional to take care of the maintenance.

2. Refrigerant Leakage.

Another possible cause for your air conditioner being unable to blow cold air can be that it is leaking refrigerant. If the pressure is low in the system, this means that the compressor won’t be able of cycling correctly, and consequently, the hot air won’t be blowing. The leakage of refrigerant can be found at any of the connections to hoses, and when looking for leaks, be sure to look for any oily substance build-up and seal the area with the sealant recommended (the one specifically developed to be used on air conditioning systems). The fix for leaks in refrigerant may not be enough by sealing the leak in the event of an issue with the unit’s mechanical part. It is possible to flush the entire refrigerant system and then refill the fluid correctly when there is a significant leakage.

3. AC Condenser Blockage.

Your car’s condenser acts as an evaporator and also a condenser to convert the high-pressure temperature gas from the compressor to a cool liquid with high pressure. It executes its operations through the airflow flowing from the front when you drive. As time passes, dust and dirt could accumulate, resulting in its obstruction. You can feel the heat emanating out of your AC as your vehicle’s system is continuing its operation using the hot refrigerant.

4. AC Compressor Failure.

The compressor in your car is responsible for putting the refrigerant with the pressure of high before it gets to the condenser. The car’s ac system won’t function optimally if there is an unsound compressor. The compressor may require repair if it is left unattended for a long time. There may be other causes of the defect, like an electrical issue in the circuit, the clutch, or leaky refrigerant. Find an accredited mechanic to handle the repair of your car’s air conditioning.

5. Cabin Filter Damage.

The cabin filter of the car functions to filter dust particles when it comes in from the front when driving. A defective cabin air filter is not able to clean out the debris that is able to enter, and as the debris accumulates, it could cause damage to the motor fans as well as the car’s ac condenser in addition.

6. Motor Fans Damage.

As time passes, the accumulation of debris on the motors’ fans could cause damage to the motor, which then blocks the circulation of cool air into the condenser. This can result in being able to breathe warm air even when the air conditioning is on.

7. Condenser Damage.

The same scenario occurs when you feel hot air coming from the car’s AC, but it is caused because of malfunctioning parts. The dirt and trash from the roads might not block your car’s condenser’s ac unit, but they can damage it or trigger a complete breakdown.

You can identify the cases by visualizing on the side of your vehicle condenser that is blocked or damaged due to road debris.

8. Condenser Fan Failure.

Another reason to require a car air conditioning repair could be due to the malfunction of the motors that drive the fan inside the car. It is possible to visually examine the fan that is damaged in the system. The car’s ac condenser will not be able to cool properly due to the defective fans. And over time, you will start to experience cold air rather than cold air. The fan may be damaged by dirt and dust accumulation, a blowing fuse, or other electrical problems within the unit. It is possible to repair the condenser unit to ensure its function. If you’re not experienced in the technical aspect of car air conditioning repair, it’s advised to seek out professionals for help with the task.

Cost Of Car AC Repair In Dubai.

The typical cost for car ac repair could be as high as 300 AED. It will differ from the various auto repair centers. The cost of car AC repair could increase depending on the wiring, compressor connections to hoses, and condenser checks. The price of the repair to your car’s ac will differ depending on the type and model of the car, as well as the services required specifics or an overall look for failure of the AC.

The most likely reason for your vehicle having trouble blowing cool air can be the result of inadequate maintenance. It is recommended to conduct regular inspections and follow regular maintenance schedules to prevent further harm to your vehicle’s components.

If you’re searching for an establishment that can fix the air conditioning issues in your car. It doesn’t matter if it’s an issue with an auto fix, car service, or car maintenance need, it’s the ultimate solution for every car-related need. Contact the nearest service provider to receive immediate estimates. You can benefit from the discounts on a variety of services. Get hands-on, real-time service tracking on your screen at any time.