Any automobile enthusiast’s dream is to own a Blueprint engine. For vehicle enthusiasts, there is nothing more exciting than driving a vintage or classic car that has incredible horsepower thanks to a blueprinted engine.

You should know about Blueprint Engine Problems to complete your passion.

What do you want to know? You can read our article to learn all you need to about the component.

Blueprint Engine: What do you need to know?

What is the definition of Blue Point engines?

Blueprint Engine, a product of Norris Marshall, is an excellent one. It was a modest start, but his enthusiasm boosted it to market.

The “accidental engineer” built crate engines for his colleagues who participated in car racing. The engines were so good that experienced racers found them.

Over the years, Blueprint engines became mainstream motors that are great for certain automobiles.

The goal of the company is to provide tailored builders with all the necessary tools and components so that they can bring the car to the street.

No matter what version you may be looking for, Blueprint engines give you many options.

Blueprint is a name that will always be at the top of any list of reliable automobile manufacturers.

Engine Builder is a brand that has been praised for its valuable contributions to the automotive industry for more than half a century.

Professional drivers have shared their experiences and excitement when they first started their engines.

This engine is a good choice for those who want to avoid any issues. Continue reading the following sections to better understand this.

What is the cost of a Blueprint engine?

Before buying a Blueprint engine, you should consider certain factors.

It appears that a crate motor is the best choice for a novice. If you are an expert, you may want to consider another option.

A producer’s guarantee is always worth the extra budget. Before choosing a far-off company, you should check out some local dealers that are trustworthy.

This will save you money on shipping and give you a warranty so that there are no worries about delivery.

It is not a good idea to choose a dealer who requires the customer to pay for the return of the product.

BluePrint engines are made by hand and only by specialists with experience. Each detail is carefully selected, including the surfaces that have been sonically squared or tested, as well as those that are decked or polished.

Each product comes with premium bearings and performance valvetrain components.

Blueprint motors may be more expensive than their competitors. You won’t always be disappointed by their quality.

Here are some common problems.

What are Blueprint engine problems?

There are nine key issues that every driver should be aware of when it comes to blueprint crate engines.

They are related in particular to valves, parts materials, breaking-in issues, durability, warranty, and dry bearing.

To ensure the best performance, it’s important to be aware of these nine problems before you decide to equip your car with a certain engine type.

Problems with the Valves

The majority of motors have a loose valve that must be fixed immediately to avoid serious problems.

If you drive with such issues, it will cause more distractions and may even require that you buy a new cylinder.

On the market, there were complaints about motors that were accompanied by such problems.

The engine’s top is often a source of noise. This is usually a sign that the rocker’s arm is loose.

The problem appeared after a few cooling and heating cycles. It would be wise to inspect the valves during this time in order to resolve the problem.

Parts Material

The majority of engine components are cast. SBC Rods are one of the parts that use a material different from the rest.

The detail is made of a mixture of aluminum and silicon alloy.

Aluminum heads are the most common problem that skilled mechanics encounter when working on engines made of this material.

Some don’t display the size/location/volume of the combustion chamber. These elements can affect efficiency.

Breaking in Issues

The engine is at the heart of every automobile. You will want to ensure that the new motors have been professionally installed to function properly.

A proper breaking-in and usage can help your engine operate at its optimum performance. It is important to move and spin those parts slowly.

Avoid accelerating a crate motor too much. To prevent damage, you will want to make sure that the piston rings rest lightly on the cylinder walls of the engine.

This mechanism is deterred by running the motor at high speeds. It can cause oil to accumulate on the walls of this part, use more fuel, and make piston rings not work properly.

Your engine may be at risk for early destruction if these impacts continue to occur in the first 500-1000 mile range. Your cylinder walls may rust more quickly during this phase.

The camshaft lobes could also break prematurely, causing valves to close and open at unpredictable intervals.


Durability is an important factor in any vehicle. The engine’s durability is determined by this factor.

In most cases, the factor is crucial as it can often lead to many other serious issues impacting our vehicle.

The engine has caused problems for different users. Some users have complained that the engine does not last as long as they expected.

According to the manufacturer, these motors have been designed to deliver the best performance.

Nevertheless, it is possible that you will need to replace certain parts after three years. The motor’s performance is highly dependent on a variety of factors.


The Blueprint engine comes with a warranty of up to 50,000 miles or 30 months. The manufacturer is ready to address any issues related to the warranty policy.

There are still some blueprint engine reviews that have been posted by a few customers.

The customer service of one of the users above with an engine problem was contacted, but then they reached out to a half-crate with plastic components, and their valve cover was dented.

After checking the engine, the intake gasket was found to be intact and unbroken. It is possible that more time will be needed to determine the root cause of the problem.

The customer had probably forgotten the expiration date, as the warranty period was over.

On many forums, Blueprint customers have shared their experiences with discounts and Blueprint warranties.

Dry Bearing

Before the first use, all components of the Blueprint Engine, which are already ready for installation, require priming. The part was first pre-lubricated and tested on a dyno.

To provide more convenience, however, the manufacturer must remove and clean the oil used in the initial assembly. The bearing may become drained or dry and have less oil (or no oil at all).

Experts recommend using the original Blueprint breaking oil during the first 500 miles. Oil is vital for running engines.

Typical engines might turn 1000 RPM (revolutions per minute). Imagine the friction that your motor components would experience without oil. It wouldn’t take much to wear these bearings out.

These engine parts can also heat up easily and shred metal particles, which may lead to engine failure and damage.

Remove the spark plug. Next, generate oil pressure. First, spin the engine. Then spread it evenly.

The manufacturer also recommends adding Zinc to motors with flapper cams.

Fuel Requirements

High-performance engines like Blueprint require premium-performance fuels. Only Octane 91 is recommended by the manufacturer.

Fuel with a lower Octane number can cause the engine to fail if you have it for a long time.


When your engine undergoes severe combustion, the Blueprint engine block may melt or warp.

If you continue to run an overheating engine, it can cause serious damage in as little as a few miles.

You may still experience engine problems even before you reach the 500-mile-breaking threshold.


BluePrint users are very interested in starters. There are mini-starters and high-torque ones.

Imagine that your current starter is not working properly. This can cause the engine to run incorrectly at this time. It’s also a good time to inspect it and, if needed, get a replacement.

Timing, valve-spring tensions, and compression engine are some of the issues you should pay more attention to in order to determine the cause of your starter problem.

What can I do to prevent these problems?

It is important to understand the specifications of any crate engine you are interested in purchasing.

You will need to know the exact engine components that you have in order to complete the final set. Ensure that you’ve checked the engine thoroughly when it was delivered.

Check out the Tags. You need to find out the details and follow them carefully.

The majority of engine failures, claims, and complaints are caused by ignoring the instructions during the pre-lubrication, setting, breaking in, starting up, and pre-lubrication processes. Use the recommended fuel and oil types.

Asking for help from professionals is also a good idea if you’re a beginner.

Remember that you must comply with the suggestions of the manufacturer to be eligible for a warranty claim.

Attention to break-in and installation phases. Most issues occur during these phases.

Choose a reliable shop for regular maintenance after the warranty period. This is a smart strategy to keep harmful roots away from your BluePrint engine.

Bottom Lines

Blueprint engines have gained the trust of customers because of their power and quality. This does not mean, however, that you will have a smooth run when using this type of motor.

Our post on engine problems with blueprints, which has been presented above, will hopefully help you to maintain your vehicle and make it last longer.

Contact BluePrint Engines Customer Service if you encounter any problems with the engine.

Do not forget to share the content with other people who may have similar concerns. See you soon.