Recent research shows that 94% of workers feel more productive if their office is clean. However, nothing says clean better than a new floor waxing. It’s possible to bring back the shine on commercial buildings if you work in an office.

Facility managers can usually complete the job in less than a day. Workers will feel happier at work, and the building owner will appreciate the new life that has been given to the floors.

If you want to brighten up your office, keep reading. This five-step guide will show you how to strip and wax your floors.

  • Items you need

You will need the right supplies if you plan to do this task yourself. The floor material will determine the right floor wax.

To apply hard wax to the floor, it will require extra effort. Floor waxing with liquid wax is done with a mop. However, any product that is not recommended can cause problems.

For safety reasons, you will need to purchase wax strippers, masks, gloves, and any other tools necessary for the job. A professional service is preferred by most facility managers and building owners.

  • Floor Stripping

It is important to get rid of all old wax before you start a new floor waxing. To remove any debris, dust mop the floor. Next, dust mop the area to remove any loose debris.

Apply the wax stripper to a 3-foot area at a stretch. For removing old wax and other debris, a wet/dry vacuum can be used. Older floors might require a second attempt at the same task.

  • Ventilation

Before applying a new floor waxing, the floor should be mopped and dried. All surfaces must be free from residue stripping & waxing in Toronto. To fill in any cracks or inconsistencies on the floor, a sealant can be applied.

You can open your windows to let in fresh air, but you should keep the screens closed to prevent any debris from getting to the floors. In humid areas, large fans can be helpful in speeding up drying times. The drying and ventilation process will take approximately thirty minutes.

  • Time for floor waxing

For safety, wear a mask for this procedure. A putty knife is required to smoothen the edges of hard wax and apply it with a cloth. A mop is all you need to apply liquid wax.

For a durable finish, you should apply three to five coats. Before applying the next coat of liquid wax, let it dry completely.

  • Bumping the Wax Down

Professional floor service uses buffing machines to restore the shine of dull and old floors. For a permanent finish, the wax substance is cured by buffing. Although they are simple to use, finishing products are necessary for achieving the desired effect.

You are now ready to reap the benefits of fresh floor waxing. It takes a lot of work to create a polished floor in a commercial building. Contact us today to get a quote for professional floor waxing.