It can be difficult to find the right architect for your home. It can be difficult to find the right architects. This is why it is important to ask the right question.

You will need plans whether you are converting your home or adding on. These plans will be the foundation of your entire project. They can be used to submit your planning application or communicate with your builders.

It can be difficult to do what seems simple, especially if you don’t know what you are asking. Before you make a decision on who to trust, you need to ask five questions.

Are you sure I need a measured survey?

You don’t want gaps between your walls or holes in your floor. Your designs should always be based upon an accurate set floor plans. These plans can be done by architects at a cost of about PS450, but this is often not necessary. It’s possible that your plans are already online if you purchased your home within the last 20 years.

Ask your architect what technology he uses to measure the space. There is no point in spending hours measuring your home with a tape measure. Find someone who offers a better solution.

Are you looking to make your home more beautiful?

Is there a timeline for this construction project?

It is a myth that plans should be drawn only if you are certain of the building you want and have a clear idea of what you want. A set of plans, when priced right, can help you get an idea of your options, even if you aren’t planning to build.

If you are determined to move forward with the project, your architect should give you an accurate timeline. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to create each draft of your plans. However, add an 8-12 week wait time for planning permission and a lawful developmental certificate before you begin construction and things can get slow.

An architect should be able tell you how long each draft will take and give you an idea of the time frame for the actual build. Based on their previous experience with similar projects, your architect should be able estimate the cost of your build. Ask for examples.

This is crucial as it will help you to avoid creating designs that are not possible within your budget.

Does the budget include VAT?

This is crucial, because a budget of PS30k that does not include VAT could quickly become PS36k. This applies to both the fee charged by the architect house extension and the total project costs.

This includes ensuring that the scope of work is clearly defined. You need to be clear about what the architect is going to deliver, from initial floor plans to detailed drawing. Also make sure that they meet your expectations. Before you start, your architect should be able show you an example of their deliverables.

Will I need planning permission?

Planning permission is not necessary for everyone. You can consult our guide to permitted development rights. An architect can advise you whether your project requires permission and what design plans are most likely to be approved. However, they cannot guarantee approval.

Your council sets planning policies. It is a good idea to verify that your architect has experience working with the local authority.

How will this impact the value of my home?

While you may be building your dream home, a good residential architect will be able help you see the larger picture. You need to make aesthetic, procedural, and structural decisions to preserve the home’s value when you sell it.

Although an architect cannot predict the market’s movements, they can advise you on the best practices for your property. Victorian terraces, for example, can benefit from side- or rear-facing kitchen extensions, but basement excavations may pose a greater risk.