Like all other parts of your car, your clutch will eventually need to be replaced. It is crucial to have your clutch checked by a professional immediately if you start to notice problems. Several signs indicate it is time for a replacement or service to your clutch.

What is the best time to have my clutch repaired?

The majority of clutches can last for around 100,000 km. However, it is worth taking your vehicle in for inspection. If you see any signs, you must check your clutch at a workshop like Bentleigh Automotive Services.

Unexpected Sounds

You should recognize the typical sound of your clutch as you drive your car and use it. You may notice new sounds, like a grinding sound when changing gears. Your clutch might need to be serviced or replaced.

Use the Clutch with Care

You should get a clutch service if you feel resistance to pressing down on the pedal or if you feel it “sticky”, If you have difficulty switching gears, it is likely that you have a problem with your clutch.

Unusual Vibrations

Although slight vibrations can be expected when you use the clutch, it could indicate that your clutch may be in trouble if they become more severe. These vibrations can cause strong shudders when you release the clutch. This can distract you from driving.

Slipping out of Gear

Slipping out of gear when driving is one of the most obvious signs of clutch failure. This serious problem should be addressed immediately by a professional mechanic. You can feel a sudden drop in speed or lose control of your vehicle when you shift out of gear.

Strange Smells

A burning sensation when the clutch is released can signify that your clutch needs to be repaired. You should arrange clutch repair services in Auckland as soon as you notice.

How to make your clutch last longer

All clutches eventually need to be replaced, but keeping your clutch in good condition is better to extend its life expectancy.

Bentleigh Automotive Services recommends that you do not touch your clutch pedal when you aren’t using it. You put too much pressure on your clutch pedal by putting your foot down on it. This can cause damage and wear. You can also put your car in neutral when it is stationary, especially at traffic lights. It will help reduce wear and tear by keeping your foot off the clutch as much as possible.

It is a good idea to check your clutch before going on long trips. Professional mechanics will detect any problems, big or small, and can fix them before a complete replacement is necessary.