Little Alchemy is a life simulation online video game that offers four elements. These are Fire, Earth and Water. The players will have to combine the four elements to create new items. The items could be anything, including a plant, grass or flower, a rainbow, philosophy, lava energy, a small car, sand, a small boat, or ice. As a Little Alchemy player, you should be able to create a Car.

Making a car is possible in Little Alchemy with 9 different combinations. To make a car in Little Alchemy, you will need a bicycle, wheel, cart, motorcycle, metal, combustion engine, and many other things.

Are you interested in learning more about the process of making a Car on Little Alchemy? Here I will explain all the steps to making a Car in Little Alchemy.

How To Make A Car In Little Alchemy?

When you combine the items you make in Little Alchemy , you can create many new items. You can also make many different things with a car.

As I said, you’ll need nine different combinations in total to create a Car in Little Alchemy (as shown below). Below, I’ve listed all of the combinations. Look at the below.

  • Combining Bicycles and Wheel-cars
  • Combine and Combustion- Engine- Car
  • Combine Combustion Engine with Wagon-Car
  • Combine Machine and Motorcycle Car
  • Combine Metal and Wheels- Car
  • Combine motorcycle and wheel-car
  • Combine Steel and Wheel- Car
  • Combine Bicycle with Bicycle-Car
  • Combine Motorcycle with Motorcycle-Car

For your convenience, I’ll show you how to create a Car in the game.

  • Combine Earth and Fire = Lava
  • Combining Earth and Water = Muck
  • Combine Fire and Fire = energy
  • Combine Water with Water = Puddle
  • Combine Air and Lava to Get Stone
  • Combine Puddle with Water = Pond
  • Combine Pond with Water = Lake
  • Combining Mud with Stone = clay
  • Combine Lake and Water = sea
  • Combine Earth and Sea = Primordial Soup
  • Combining Primordial Soup with Energy = life
  • Combining Clay with Life = Human
  • Combining Human and Stone = Tool
  • Combining Wheels and Wheels = Bike
  • Combine Bicycle with Bicycle = Vehicle

Multiple car combinations in Little Alchemy.

The Car element can be used to create multiple new elements in Little Alchemy. Below, you can find a list of all the things you can make with a Car.

  • Combine car and armor = tank
  • Combine Car and Atmosphere = rocket
  • Combine car and barn = Garage
  • Combine Car and Big = bus
  • Combine Car and Bird = Aeroplane
  • Combine Car and Car = Bus
  • Combine Car and City = Bus
  • Combine Car and Container = garage
  • Combine Car and Cow = Tractor
  • Combine Car and Doctor = An ambulance
  • Combine Car and Electricity = Electric Car
  • Combine Car and Farmer = Tractor
  • Combine Car and Field = Tractor
  • Combine car and fire extinguisher = Firetruck
  • Combine Fire Truck and Car = Firetruck
  • Combine Car and Glacier = Snowmobile
  • Combine Car and Firefighter = Firetruck
  • Combine Car and Gun = tank
  • Combine Car and Hospital = An ambulance
  • Combine car and house = Garage RV
  • Combine Car and Ice Cream = Ice Cream Truck
  • Combine Car and Ice = Snowmobile
  • Combine Car and Letter = Post Truck
  • Combine car and metal = tank
  • Combine Car and Moon = Moon Rover
  • Combine car and mountain range = Cable Car
  • Combine Car and Mountain = Cable Car
  • Combining car and park = roller coaster
  • Combine Car and Post Office = Post Truck
  • Combine Car and Shovel = Excavator
  • Combine Car and Solar Cell = Electric Car
  • Combine Car and Space = Spaceship
  • Combine Car and Steel = tank
  • Combine Car and Train = Bus
  • Combine car and wall = Garage
  • Combine car and wind turbine = Electric Car

If you want to create the items above in Little Alchemy online, you will need to combine other elements with the car during gameplay.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How can you make a car using the Little Alchemy cheat sheet?

In Little Alchemy, players will have a total 9 combinations to create a car. Here are the answers-

  1. Combining Bicycles and Wheel-cars
  2. Combine and Combustion- Engine- Car
  3. Combine Combustion Engine with Wagon-Car
  4. Combine Machine and Motorcycle Car
  5. Combine Metal and Wheels- Car
  6. Combine motorcycle and wheel-car
  7. Combine Steel and Wheel- Car
  8. Combine Bicycle with Bicycle-Car
  9. Combine Motorcycle with Motorcycle-Car

Q2. How can I make a wheel on Little Alchemy?

The players will be able make a wheel with multiple combinations in Little Alchemy. The list of combinations is for all players.

  • Combining Tool and Motion-Wheel
  • Combination Motion and Stone-Wheel
  • Combination Motion and Metal-Wheel
  • Steel-wheel and Motion Combination
  • Combine Water-wheel and Tool
  • Combine Tool with Stream-Wheel
  • Combine River and Tool Wheel

Final Thoughts

Little Alchemy is a game that many players love because they can create thousands of items in the middle of the game play. This guide is also great for people who like to drive or ride a car. If you’re one of these people, then try to make a car using the correct steps in Little Alchemy. Best wishes! Enjoy your game!