It’s time to get rid of musty odors that are stopping you from using your basement. You can get rid of unpleasant odors in your basement with a little effort.

How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell In Basement

Basements that smell musty or pungent can be difficult to live in. These horrible odors can spread to the rest of your house if they are strong enough. Learn how to eliminate the problem instead of trying to ignore it.

Locate the Source

It is important to identify the source of any musty smells in your basement before you can get rid of them. Most often, the smell is a sign of mold or mildew that has been caused by moisture.

Check these areas for leaks or cracks that could cause the smell:

  • Basement windows (Do wells direct water towards the house instead of away?
  • Basement exterior entrances
  • Windows starting from the floor above
  • From the floor above, exterior doors
  • The plumbing for the bathroom and kitchen is located on the second floor.

Groundwater could also be the problem. Water will eventually find its way into your basement if the grading around your home slopes back towards it. Regrading your property may be an option. A contractor can dig around the foundation to install a French drain. A sump pump may require a drain to the basement to manage groundwater.

Your basement may smell musty if it isn’t leaking behind walls. The fluid that blocks sewer gases can dry up in these drains, as they don’t get used often. A few cups of water can be added to these drains now and again.

You should also remember that pet odors can cause musty stenches on carpets and furniture. If your furniture is clean and dry and the traps are filled with water, then there is a chance that it is the carpet or upholstery.

Do the repairs

The musty smell from your basement will return, even if it is temporarily eliminated. Problem windows and doors that leak when it rains will cause damage, while cracked or leaking pipes can continue to be a problem until they are fixed. Pipe wrap can be used to insulate cold-water pipes that sweat.

You may need to excavate the foundation and apply a waterproofing membrane if severe leaks. You can also waterproof the interior of your foundation using a waterproofing treatment.

Make sure you also address wet materials. Mold can be removed from concrete, wood, and damp drywall. However, it is much easier to remove soaked insulation or drywall than repair it.

Reduce the humidity

After you have completed your repairs, it is time to dry the basement. A dehumidifier is the best way to get rid of moisture. The dehumidifier pulls moisture from the air and condenses it in a removable container that can be removed and emptied. You can run a drain line to your sink or floor drain to drain the tank. This will eliminate the need to empty it. Basements can be well-suited for dehumidifiers.

To ensure that the space is comfortable, aim for the humidity of 50 percent. This will prevent mold growth at higher levels than 60 percent. You can use a window fan or box fan to speed up drying to increase ventilation.

Take the time to smell it.

Once you have the moisture under control, it is possible to eliminate that musty smell. It is easy to do, and you might already have all the necessary supplies.

You can place baking soda in the basement. Baking soda will absorb the odors over a few days. Bowls of white vinegar and clean cat litter can absorb odors. DampRid is a product that absorbs moisture and musty smells.

Clean the basement as soon as possible, as the deodorizers absorb the smells. It is easy to make a water mixture and white vinegar that you can spray or mop the floors with. Pay special attention to mold-prone areas.

Carpeting and upholstery can trap smells and linger long after dried the basement. Renting a carpet steamer and an upholstery steamer is a good option if you have carpets or upholstered furnishings in your basement.

These tips will ensure that your basement smells fresh for at least a week. You need to keep your basement clean, check for leaks and make sure p-traps are full. Also, continue humidity control with a humidifier. Your basement will remain odor-free for many years if you follow this routine.