Whether you have an exotic lifestyle or a very homely one, whether you are a social butterfly or a soul who loves solitude, you must have come across a Persian rug that you drooled over somewhere or the other. Your eyes would naturally rest on their beautiful patterns and somber colors, your feet would get tempted to feel the plush texture, and it would be the focal point and conversation starter wherever you put it. Wondering what’s so special about these Persian rugs?

Exclusive Qualities of Persian Rugs!

Persian rugs are connoisseurs’ delight. And if you like a timeless classic addition to your home, check out the antique Persian Rugs at Imperial Rugs. They have them in excellent variants and a dizzying number of designs and colors — and you just need to pick up the most suitable one for your home. But are you still intrigued to know why to go for a Persian Rug? Keep reading.

  • They are as old as the history of Persia — The exclusive Persian rugs are very primitive and that’s why so much treasured. You can see some stunning handmade designs and patterns on these rugs which were last seen in the fifteenth or seventeenth century. The intricacy of design, the neatness of the knots and the rich plush look they exude make Persian rugs a treasure to own.
  • They are made up of expensive materials — Did you know people of Persia had gold and other precious elements in their ensembles? They had regal tastes, and that got reflected in their carpets too. Persian rugs are made of very expensive materials making them the best in the world.
  • These are rare and exclusive pieces — Persian rugs are truly designer — you won’t find any of them resembling the other. So, when you get a Persian rug, stay assured that you are having a single exclusive piece adorning your home with its breath-taking design.
  • The patterns and designs are unparalleled — No designer from the world can challenge the fabulous designs and patterns of a Persian rug. These are very fine and yet so elaborate. Each pattern is mindfully curated and skilfully woven and thus creates a magical end product (not to forget the skilful hands of the artisans who make them).
  • They are actually an investment— Believe it or not, the money you spend in your Persian rug is an investment in the true sense. So, you can purchase an original and extraordinary piece of Persian rug to grace your home and use it for years. And then when you think of revamping your décor, you can always sell it for a handsome price.
  • The quality makes it so popular — The best quality of the materials used, the fine threads involved in its making, the great quality fabric, the skilful knots and the artistry of the makers – all of these factors cumulatively contribute to create a marvellous rug.

The reasons for the Persian rugs being so amazing are as varied as their designs and patterns. These may be expensive, but their presence in your home makes your interiors look classy and super appealing.