If you have just returned from a long vacation, then it is likely that you will find the windows covered with grime and dirt, along with gutters overflowing with tree leaves. It is time to clean up the exteriors and make your home stand out again. And contrary to what you may think, window cleaning is not exactly a cakewalk – there’s a certain method or you are bound to leave dirt streaks on the window panes. Take a closer look at some of the DIY tips on window cleaning.

DIY Window Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the windowsills and frame: The first thing that you need to concentrate on is the windowsills and outer frame. Take a soft bristle brush and remove the dust and grime from the sills and the frame. After which, you can move on to washing the windows with a mild detergent, water and remember to have a sponge a well. Or you call in the professionals by searching online for residential window cleaning. Bird droppings: It can be hard to clean those dried bird droppings from the window panes. First, try washing the windows with a mild detergent. If that does not work, then opt for a stronger one. You can use also use a razor and gently scrape off the bird dropping and other grime marks from the pane. While it is not one of the recommended ideas to use abrasive materials with the pane, you still may need to opt for the razor to scrape away dried bird droppings and other grime marks and even dried paint. Window cleaning is not exactly a cakewalk, which is why you may want to call in the professionals. 
  • Window screens: If your windows are protected by window screens, then you need to remove the same first. Chances are that the window screens would have accumulated both dust and grime, over the months. You need to clean them first and then you can move on to the windows. Just use a dry cloth and remove all the exterior dust and grime, after which you can wash the screens with mild detergent and spray the same with a powered hose at mild setting. This should help take care of the exterior screens.
  • Multi-pane windows: When it comes to multi-pane windows, chances are that you will find that they are too small to be cleaned by utilizing a squeegee. You need to use a sponge to clean these windows, just move the detergent soaked sponge from top to bottom and then from left to right. And for the hard to remove stains including calcium deposits, use a commercial cleaner. Follow the instructions listed on the product and that should help take care of all the persistent stains and marks outside your window.
  • Squeegee the panes: For the large bay windows, you can use the squeegee to clean the same effectively. When cleaning the windows, use the rubber end of the squeegee to clean the windows of water along with dust and grime. The great thing about squeegee is that it makes window cleaning sure look easy. You can use it to remove water, detergent as well as marks from the window with a few easy steps. First, move the squeegee across the top pane in a reverse S pattern, and then rinse the blade. Now, repeat the same – it is that easy.
  • Safety ladder: Windows would be located on all the floors of your home, and to clean them all, you would need to use a safety ladder. Make sure that the ladder is functioning fine, and that it is parked securely before you use to clamber on to the sides of your home. Make sure that you are wearing the proper gear – that includes everything from Goggles to safety gloves.

With these tips, you should be able to clean your windows effectively and make your home stand out with an amazing street frontage view. Just remember that your windows need to be cleaned regularly,  at least once every two weeks