These are some tips

  1. You need to have enough money. There are closing costs, inspection fees and moving costs. Do you think you will need new furniture? Many people find themselves in financial ruin after moving in. Call any home inspection company to get a quote by a home inspector in Edmonton!
  2. Trust a realtor. Get a recommendation. Feel comfortable buying from them. The listing agent doesn’t necessarily have to be your agent.
  3. A mortgage broker can help you find a better rate for many situations. While banks can help in certain circumstances, don’t let this be a reason to stop you from getting preapproved. Only bank services can be offered by mortgage specialists at banks.
  4. You can save money on maintenance. We highly recommend that you do this in order to be prepared for the worst. Without warning, systems can and do break down.
  5. Visit the neighbours to meet them and see if they are friendly. Also, take a Saturday or Friday night to check if there is any party house. Look out for suspicious characters.
  6. Avoid temptations that are short-term – ensure you love the area, can maintain the house and your family’s needs won’t exceed the house’s size.
  7. Do your research and verify that all permits are valid for decks. Investigate the crime rate in the area. A crime map of Edmonton provides great information. Find out how much your property taxes will be.