What’s one of the busiest hotspots in your home? It’s the bathroom! Unbelievable, but true! And what’s that one place that you ignore the most in your house? Again, it’s the washroom! And if we think logically, the one space that’s used so often shouldn’t be neglected at any cost, right? Enough to get you instigated for a bathroom revamp? Now there are certainly some ways to revamp it stylishly and make it your favourite and also the most cheerful looking space in your home.

Some Great Tips to Revamp Your Bathroom Entirely!

When you’re ready to invest in some cool décor and upgrading options to revamp your bathroom, there shouldn’t be any limitations stopping you from doing so. But are you out of some cool and nice ideas for the same? So, here we are with those exciting ideas for an enticing washroom for you!

  • Start with the doors — You wouldn’t feel your washroom has changed if the door remains the same. If you aren’t ready to get it replaced by a new wooden or laminated piece with a graceful carving or design, then you can always consider repainting your old one. While you are at it, various brush stroke techniques or say stencilling can add more oomph factor.
  • Paint to create a serene theme — If your walls desire a fresh coat of paint, you can always pick cool trending shades of beige, peach, wood tones, mellow yellow and blues. A bathroom should have a zen like vibe – and the right colours can create just that.
  • Tile them right — The right design and colour of tile is enough to revamp your bathroom completely. The designer tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports are available in hundreds of variants and fantastic hues to enhance the beauty of your washroom. Tiled murals can become a focal point in your bathroom, if done right.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall — Make your washroom look bigger and more glamorous by adding mirrors strategically. Mirrors reflect light and can make a space look double its size if put at the right spot. You can even opt for a graphically designed, LED based mirror for a dazzling effect.
  • Sexy faucets this time — Your old faucets would have worn out with time too. Time to upgrade them with a sexier version. The markets are overflowing with such creative and unique variants of faucets that offer the best in luxury and looks. Grab the best from them to stylishly revamp your bathroom.
  • Glorify with lights — No revamping is possible with the old, gloomy lights! Let’s make it a bit brighter and cheerful. Or how about mood lighting for those serene soaks in the bath? The good news is that the market would spoil you with choices. Their catalogue would also offer design ideas.
  • Sleek yet efficient cabinets— Cabinets and shelves are most important in a proper, stylish and convenient bathroom. It’s always better to get it customised as per your space. But even if you get a readymade one, try for more covered spaces for a neater look. Choose a water and moisture resistant material for longevity, and a colour to coordinate with the new theme.

Now is the time for the finishing touches, a plant on the wash basin counter, a painting in the dry area, some beautiful bath linen – and voila! You have a bathroom to boast of.