Since the very beginning, mobile luxury homes for sale in clermont fl are attracting many buyers. Living in a mobile home for more than 20 years, I can honestly say that you can be happy there. They are not only built to higher standards than those in 1900, but also have more luxury. You can often tell the difference between a traditional single-family home and a mobile house with very little effort.

Financing Mobile Homes For Sale

This is not a place to go into detail about financing. A licensed mortgage broker is the best person to consult. These are the three most important things to consider when applying for a mortgage on your mobile home.

  • Built to Post 1976 HUD Standards
  • Permanently placed on Land
  • At least 400 square feet

Cost of Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are probably familiar to you if you’re reading this page. The best thing about mobile homes is their pricing. The average doublewide price is now just above $109,000. Keep in mind that you will need a place to park your mansion on wheels. When I say mansion, I’m not kidding. You can increase the value and price of a manufactured house by adding ons. They are worth the effort for many. One final decision remains. What are your plans for Central Florida? This is where we come in. We know Central Florida better than anyone. We have compiled a list of the top 4 places in Florida to live in a mobile house. To view mobile homes that are available in these cities, click on the names.

Lakeland Florida

Lakeland Florida is a wonderful city. Although there are many great reasons to relocate to this area, I will keep this article brief. Lakeland could be the right place for you if you’re looking for land close to all of the things you love. There are many communities that only have mobile homes. Northern Lakeland has a slightly more rural feel. The 33810 zipcode is one of the most sought-after in Lakeland. Lakeland is between Orlando/ Walt Disney World and Tampa Florida. It takes approximately 25-45 minutes to drive from Tampa to Walt Disney World Property.

Leesburg FL

Leesburg Florida, located in Lake County Florida, is just south of The Villages. The Villages is the largest 55+ community worldwide, but not everyone wants it. Viola, Leesburg is an excellent alternative. We prefer Leesburg to the villages since we aren’t golfers. Why? Although the lakes are the main reason, the cost of living in the area is also a major factor. Leesburg isn’t a hole in the wall city. It is alive and well, home to many middle-aged people who love to live their lives. It is a lively community that always seems to have activities coming up. Most people who read this article would love to move to any of the cities I have mentioned.

Tavares FL

Tavares FL, the county seat of Lake County FL, is located in Tavares FL. It is also known as America’s Seaplane City. Why? There are many options available for landing and taking off. The area of Leesburg FL and Tavares has a lot to offer. Both cities are close to each other and offer a fishing paradise. These lakes are great for recreational boating, seaplanes, and just plain looking from your mobile home. Yes, there are communities of mobile homes on the lake. There is also plenty of land available for you to buy and place your mobile home.

Winter Haven FL

Winter Haven Florida isn’t as well-known as it should. It is located just south of Interstate-4, and just west of US-27. Winter Haven Florida is home to more lakes than Lakeland. Many 55+ residents love Winter Haven for its low cost of living, excellent medical care, and the beautiful city. With a population of more than 50,000, you can be sure there are plenty of shopping and dining options. Auburndale is located between Lakeland FL and Winter Haven FL. It’s also close to Interstate-4.

With thousands of new homes being constructed all over the region, rapid growth is to be expected. There are many established mobile home communities, and even land that you can purchase to put your mobile home. You just need to get started with your search and reach us. We are looking forward to hearing about any Central Florida mobile homes for sale.