Some people like skiing or skateboarding as a hobby. Others prefer surfing or quad bike riding. But the real adventurers are those who load up their 4WDs and head off into the great unknown. Before you do, though, are you forgetting something? Here are six essential vehicle mods for off-roaders. You’ll be pleased you made the investment. 

Upgraded Lighting

Standard headlights are okay for driving on well-lit city streets, but what about those unlit backcountry lanes and four-wheel driving tracks? You need something that has a bit more “oomph.” LED light bars are the best investment you can make. LED lighting not only lasts longer than traditional lighting, but also has a better reach, giving you the clear visibility you’ve been craving. 

A Lift Kit

It’s helpful to carry tools in your vehicle to free you from sticky mud, but why not invest in a lift kit, as well? With enough ground clearance, you may not even need to use those tools. A lift kit, installed by a professional, adds much-needed ground clearance. Those few inches can be the difference between clearing an obstacle and getting stuck right on top of it. 

Improved Bushings and Suspension

When you’re busy focusing on making your 4WD stand out from the crowd, you may not think about everything that’s happening underneath. However, improving the suspension and bushings of your vehicle can make all the difference to your off-roading experience. 

Do away with your stock suspension and invest in heavy-duty bushings, hardware, and springs. Not only do these upgrades go hand in hand with a lift kit, but they can strengthen your vehicle, too. After all, a broken bolt can be all it takes to put an end to your adventures. 

A Vehicle Winch  

It’s okay to be confident in your vehicle’s abilities, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare yourself for everything. A vehicle winch is one upgrade that’s as beneficial for you as it is for your traveling companions. If you find yourself stuck, you can use a winch attached to a tree or another vehicle to free yourself. You can also be a good Samaritan and help out others who have gotten bogged. It’s the vehicle mod that keeps on giving. 

A Roof Rack

Every vehicle has a set amount of space in the cabin area. When you are traveling with friends and carrying a lot of gear, that might not always be enough. That’s why a roof rack is a popular vehicle modification for off-roaders. Rather than have your passengers cramped in the back with camping and outdoor equipment, get organized and store it on top. 

Deep-Treaded Tires

There’s something quite freeing about venturing off sealed roads and into the unknown. Still, you won’t be feeling free for long if you don’t upgrade your tires. One of the most important upgrades for an off-roader is a set of deep-treaded tires for mud, ice, snow, and sand. The gruntier the tire, the more suitable it is for those tricky roads that lie off the beaten track. Just don’t forget to lower their pressure before you set off.   

Most vehicles manufactured today are designed to meet the needs of sealed road users. How are you supposed to head off-road in an ill-equipped vehicle? It’s time to add a few upgrades. From lighting and roof racks to suspension and tires, there are all kinds of things you can do to make your off-roading experience memorable for the right reasons. The best part is, with the upgrades listed above, your vehicle will stand out from the crowd.