There is a lot to consider when it comes to your business’s security. In today’s highly digitized world, hackers work overtime to access personal and financial information that might make them rich. As such, companies must have security measures in place to keep these criminals from their sensitive data. 

Working in tandem with online security is a business’s physical security. Part of keeping sensitive data safe is ensuring your premises are secure as well. Hackers don’t always access the information they’re after online. Instead, they may attempt to take it physically. 

For these reasons, your business should have physical security measures to prevent theft, damage, or harm to your data, equipment, and staff. Below, you will find several tips to help you improve the physical security of your business premises. 

1. Limit Access to Sensitive Areas

Limit access to certain areas of your business if they contain sensitive equipment or information. You can do this easily by implementing biometric scanners that only allow people with the proper authorization. The best fingerprint time clocks will keep unauthorized people from entering the building, let alone accessing your data. 

Don’t wait until something happens to your expensive equipment or hackers access your sensitive data. Instead, put measures in place now that deny access to those who don’t need it. 

2. Manually Vet Visitors

The best thing you can do is have a reception desk where visitors must check in before they can continue into your business. Whether you check them in on a computer or via a manual sign-in sheet, be sure to check the ID of every visitor and have them sign in upon every entry into your place of business. 

This log of every person who comes and goes can be critical if something goes missing, or worse, someone decides to take their anger out on your staff. Depending on the information you collect about each visitor, you’ll at least have a name to begin an investigation. 

3. Install Working Cameras

Many places of business put up fake cameras to deter people from committing crimes. While this is a less expensive option, it doesn’t help if someone figures out the cameras aren’t real and steals something from your premises. 

Install the best quality cameras you can afford and keep them on at all times. Even when your business is closed, the cameras will keep an eye on the place, deterring most would-be criminals, and for those who ignore this security measure, capturing their identities for an investigation after the fact. 

4. Create Security Policies and Train Staff

You need to develop strict security policies and train your staff accordingly. After all, keeping your premises secure is difficult if your employees aren’t trained on the proper procedures. 

Important things to touch on include: 

  • When doors are locked;
  • Who has access to what areas; 
  • Who is in charge of monitoring security; 
  • Your password change policy
  • How to report lost or stolen ID cards;
  • And what the visitor access procedures are. 

5. Light Up the Night

Exterior lights not only light the way for your employees at night, but they can also deter criminals. Would-be criminals are less likely to target a business if it is well-lit all the way around the building. This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to secure your premises. 

Implement these five tips, and you can look forward to more robust physical security at your business premises.