One, two, or more Ring cameras can be one of your best investments. Ring cameras are small, portable, affordable, and easy to use in most cases. A few Ring cameras are worth the investment to keep your home safe and secure. Amazon’s Ring brand is simple, but there’s one question. What number of ring cameras are you allowed to have on one account?

Technically speaking, your account can hold unlimited numbers of Ring cameras. You can only use one camera at a time if you are enrolled in the Ring Protect Plus plan. Other Ring plans support one camera per location or a limited number of cameras. Protect Plus will allow you to connect unlimited Ring cameras to a single account.

Based on Ring Plans, Number of Ring Cameras per Account

The plan you choose will determine whether multiple cameras can be connected to one account. Although you can connect unlimited Ring cameras to one account, you won’t have the ability to use all of them. Ring prohibits you from syncing multiple cameras unless your plan is higher. You get access to many more features and cameras by doing this.

Ring Protect Basic

Ring Protect Basic Plan is the cheapest plan available, apart from the Free version. Although you can use the free plan, it does not provide coverage or useful features. Ring Protect Basic allows you to use one Ring camera in one location.

It is not worth connecting 100 Ring cameras to an account with a Ring Protect Basic plan. You can only use one subscription with this subscription, so why bother? This plan is only $3 per month and $30 per year. It’s also affordable, making it worth the investment if you don’t have more than one camera at home.

Ring Protect Plus

Ring Protect Plus allows you to connect unlimited cameras and removes the camera limit for one account. This plan allows you to connect all cameras to one location. If you intend to have multiple cameras in a single place, this plan will almost always be more worthwhile. Ring Protect Plus costs $10 per month and $100 annually. If you want to connect as many Ring cameras and as many as possible, it’s a must-have.


You now know that you can connect as many cameras as you like to your Ring account. You can only use them in one place if you aren’t a subscriber to the correct Ring Plan. You can choose the right subscription plan for you and take advantage of all that Ring has to offer.