There’s no denying that adding carpet to your staircase will help you gain style and beauty to the interiors of your home. It will aid you in providing a nice backdrop for the rest of your house. Over time, your stairs will go through a lot of wear and tear – partially due to humans and pets, and partially due to the longevity of the materials that are being used. Adding carpet to your stairs will help you by reducing the amount of abuse that your staircase receives daily. 

Carpets are indeed brilliant to be used for living and bedroom spaces because they provide a soft, warm and cosy feeling for your underfoot. Furthermore, they also come in a variety of colours to choose from as well. In this article, we’ll talk about the fabric options that you have at your disposal when planning to purchase a striped stair carpet

The Best Staircase Carpet Fabrics To Choose From

  • Wool

It should be noted that wool is considered to be the ‘Ferrari’ of all carpet fabrics. This is because it’s organic, environment-friendly and is renewable as well. Furthermore, it’s luxurious and soft to touch besides being resistant to flames or fire as well. The woolen fibre is resilient enough to be durable for a long time and even perform great in high-traffic areas as well, without wearing out. Apart from that, wool is resistant to dirt, dust and soil – making it very easy to clean.

But, it should be remembered that wool as a material is indeed very expensive. Before planning on wool as a material, make sure that you know the amount of material needed to cover all your stairs. Moreover, wool absorbs moisture from the air and thereby can lead to damping of certain areas of the stairs, if the moisture content remains high for quite some time.

  • Nylon

Nylon is a man-made fabric, which offers high-performance and is available at an affordable price (compared to wool) because it takes very little effort in the production of such a fabric. Nylon is also a very resilient fabric, which is very resistant to wear and tear – making it perfect to be used in high-traffic areas. 

Unlike wool, nylon doesn’t absorb moisture and thereby will not lead to mildews. On the other hand, it’s not as environmentally-friendly as wool because it’s a synthetic fibre.

  • Polyester

Generally, carpets that are made from polyester tend to be cheaper than their nylon counterparts. Most of the polyester carpets have been made from recycled plastic water bottles. This means that such carpets have been made from renewable material, thereby almost making the production process environment-friendly. The fabric is also stain-resistant and can be easily recycled later onwards too. 

However, polyester can easily wear down on high-traffic areas and are therefore not as durable as wool or nylon.