What do you mean by a ‘lemon car’, you ask? Well, in legal terms, a lemon car is defined as a defective form of a vehicle that has a lot of defects that cannot be repaired with the help of a reasonable number of repairs. 

Lemon cars mostly have a substantial form of defects that occurs just after the purchase has been made and therefore are recommended to generally return the entire vehicle to the car dealer itself from where it was bought in the first place. So, without much wasting time, let’s get into the details on how you can avoid buying a lemon car – with the help of car removals in Auckland service.

Procedures To Follow To Avoid Buying A Lemon Car

  • Try Checking Everything You Can

If the offer that you’re getting for your new car seems too good to be true – then bad news is that – it is. Before you make your payment, you have to know the significance of checking every single part of your car. This is because you’re paying almost a fortune for the same and you ought to know what you’re getting in the end. 

Go through each feature and part of your new car – with as much dedication as you can. In case you find some minor/major issues then you have to decide whether that issue is bothersome or not. For instance, the back seat of the car has a small mark, then it’s a minor issue. But if the engine is old or the horn doesn’t work, then that’s a major issue.

  • Try Doing A Test Drive

Once you’ve made up your mind regarding a particular car, then doing a test drive might be the best idea before fork over the total amount for the car. By doing a test drive you’ll know that the car you’re buying will be in working condition. 

In case you’re not an experienced driver, then accompany with someone who is experienced, with you. If the person you’re accompanying has enough experience, then any defect can easily be detected by him or her.

  • Try Buying From A Verified Seller

It should be ensured that the person or dealer you are buying your car from should be verified and reliable. Fraudulent car sellers can be found anywhere and those people can easily con you if you don’t keep your eyes and ear on alert.

These fraudulent sellers will mostly try to sell you a car that doesn’t even function well at all.