Your pets are always your best friends, and if you’re renovating your kitchen, then it makes sense to create provisions for your pets in such a manner that they can hang out inside the kitchen whenever they want. Since we have years of experience in kitchen renovation, we have found out that if you have pets inside your house, then you’ll be a happier person if you can add pet-friendly features to your kitchen.

Enduring the same in mind, we are sharing some of the top pet-friendly features that you can proceed to accommodate inside your kitchen – with the help of kitchen renovation services.

The Pet-Friendly Features That You Should Obtain Inside Your Kitchen

  • Pet Crate Or Bed

You can proceed to create a streamlined and beautiful looking kitchen, while also incorporating a pet bed or crate down the corner. The significance of this crate or bed would be that – your pet will easily be able to rest whenever he or she feels like it – while you work on your delicious kitchen recipes.

In that way, you don’t have to move between rooms trying to keep your pet in control as you can preserve an eye on your pet from the comfort of your kitchen. 

  • Placeholders To Put Out Food & Water

Just like any human being, your pet will also be hungry and/or thirsty from time to time. The best way you can solve this problem would be to design a placeholder for pet into which you can provide food & water. You can continue to refill the food & water containers as per your requirements so that your pet always finds something to eat or drink when required.  

You can either choose to keep the food & water placeholder out there in the open or decide to hide away the same inside a kitchen drawer. 

  • Opting For Laminate Flooring

Homeowners who have pets should absolutely opt for laminate flooring because it’s the only type of flooring that can hide scratch marks easily. Moreover, if your pet faces any accidents inside the kitchen (such as peeing or pooping), then it will be much easier to clean overall. 

The cost may be on the higher side, but it will be worth the extra money that you’ll be spending on it. 

  • Placing Rugs

In case you have a large-sized kitchen, then the best way to utilise all that extra space would be put some rugs on to the floor. This will be highly beneficial if your cat or dog plans to curl up and relax. They’ll get a nice, cosy place to rest while you get to make your favourite dishes without any disturbances.