The Blue Mountains is Sydney’s most sought-after weekend getaway. It boasts beautiful scenery, picturesque waterfalls and trendy towns.

It can be difficult for first-time visitors to the Blue Mountains to figure out where to go. There are so many things to do and see in this area.

It is easy to get to the Blue Mountains. In this article, six Blue Mountains day trips are shared by us by train, car, and organized day tours.

Train to 3 Blue Mountains Day Trip Itineraries

Regular services are provided by the Blue Mountains Train Line from Sydney Central Station to Blue Mountains. They stop at Wentworth Falls and Leura as well as Katoomba, Medlow bath, Blackheath, Mount Victoria, and Leura.

The best stops for train travel are Wentworth Falls and Katoomba, Blackheath, Leura, Katoomba, Katoomba, and Katoomba. It’s a short walk from Wentworth Falls station to reach the waterfall and walking trails.

The Katoomba and Leura train stations are located close to each other. From there, you can take local buses to various tourist hot spots.

These are the three recommended blue mountains day trip from sydney if you’re traveling by train.

  1. Charles Darwin Walk and Wentworth Falls Area
  2. Leura and Katoomba Area
  3. Blackheath, Grand Canyon Walk

Let’s take a closer look at these itineraries.

Itinerary 1: Charles Darwin Walk & Wentworth Falls Area

Highlights of this itinerary

  1. Charles Darwin walked
  2. Rocket Point lookout
  3. Wentworth Falls
  4. Grand Stairway

The Charles Darwin walking path is unique in that it connects the station at Wentworth Falls to the waterfall and the surrounding area.

Head towards Wilson Park on the opposite side of the Great Western Highway from the train station. The Charles Darwin Walk begins with a distinctive arch-shaped entrance.

To honor Charles Darwin’s 1836 journey through the Blue Mountains to Bathurst, the walk was named after him.

The walk is 2.4km long and shouldn’t take more than an hour.

After reaching the top of the waterfall take a short walk to the Rocket Point Lookout. From this lookout, you can see the waterfall and Jamison valley.

Follow your footsteps back to the top and then make your way to the middle using the Grand Stairway. This is part of National Pass’s famous walking track.

You have two options depending on your time: you can continue walking deeper into the valley, or you can hike back up to the waterfall via Grand Stairway.

Instead of returning to the train station, take the Wentworth Falls Track toward the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area. This route takes you to a number of great looking points.

Itinerary 2: Leura & Katoomba Area

Highlights of this itinerary

  1. Olympian Rock Lookout
  2. Prince Henry Cliff Walk
  3. Leura Cascades
  4. Three Sisters
  5. Scenic World

This second Blue Mountains day trip by train itinerary includes all the highlights of the Leura-Katoomba and Blue Mountains regions.

Take bus 695 to Leura Mall and then the Olympian Parade. It’s only a short walk from there to the Olympian Rock Lookout Point (map), where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley.

Follow the Prince Henry Cliff Walk westbound from Olympian Rock towards Leura Cascades.

The picnic area at Leura cascades is a great place to take your lunch and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Picnic area at Leura Cascades

Continue on Prince Henry Cliff Walk from Leura Cascades to reach the Three Sisters.

Cross the Honeymoon Bridge and get close to the first Three Sisters. Then, you can take the Three Sisters Walk to Echo Point which is one of the most iconic lookout points in Blue Mountains.

Echo Point: The Three Sisters seen from Echo Point

Take bus 686 from Cliff Drive to Katoomba, where you can catch the train to Sydney.

You can also visit Scenic World if you have some spare time before you head to Katoomba’s town centre. Scenic World is also accessible by the same bus 686.

Itinerary 3: Blackheath & Grand Canyon Walk

Highlights of this itinerary

  1. Grand Canyon Walk
  2. Evans lookout
  3. Govetts Leap Lookout
  4. Blackheath town center

This Blue Mountains day trip itinerary includes the Blackheath region and two of the most beautiful lookout points in greater Blue Mountains.

Take bus 698 from Blackheath station to Evans Lookout Road. It’s only a short walk to the Grand Canyon Walk from the last stop on the road.

You’ll walk the 6km Grand Canyon circuit in an anticlockwise direction. The route starts with a steep, zigzag-style descent into the valley.

The Evans Lookout is located at the opposite end of the walk and offers stunning views of the Grose Valley. It’s a short walk from this viewpoint to the bus stop, where you can catch the Blackheath bus to the town centre.

Blackheath, a town that offers coffee and lunch is great, and there are many cafés right next to the train station.

You can visit Govetts Leap if you have the energy and time.

Take the same bus 698 to Blue Mountains Heritage Centre. From there, it’s a short walk to the Govetts Leap Lookout Point.

Day Trip Itineraries to the Blue Mountains by Car

The best way to see the Blue Mountains, as with many national parks, is by car. You can visit the main sights, walking tracks, and lesser-known spots at your own pace by driving to the Blue Mountains.

It is easy to get to the Blue Mountains via car. From Sydney and Parramatta, the M4, also known as the Western Motorway feeds into Blue Mountains.

Once you reach the Blue Mountains, the Western Motorway becomes the Great Western Highway. It continues past Wentworth Falls and Leura, Katoomba. Medlow Bath, Blackheath. Mount Victoria is then reached all the way to Bathhurst.

These are the suggested Blue Mountains day trips if you’re traveling by car.

  1. Top Blue Mountains Lookouts
  2. Wentworth Falls and Leura Cascades, Katoomba Falls
  3. Bells Line of Road

Let’s take a closer look at these itineraries.

Itinerary 1 – Top Blue Mountains Lookouts

Highlights of this itinerary

  1. Lincoln’s Rock
  2. Wentworth Falls lookout
  3. Echo Point
  4. Cahill’s watchout
  5. Govetts Leap Lookout
  6. Pulpit Rock

This Blue Mountains day trip itinerary includes 6 of the most beautiful lookouts in Blue Mountains.

We start in Wentworth Falls and continue to Katoomba before reaching the Blackheath area. This is a relaxing day trip that requires very little walking.

  • Lincoln’s Rock

Lincoln’s Rock, located just south of Wentworth Falls and on the Kings Tableland plateau is an historic sight that offers panoramic views of Jamison valley and beyond.

Kings Tableland, Lincoln’s Rock Lookout

Visitors love this spot for the view, but it’s more than just the views. This spot is so well-known because of its unique photo opportunity while perched on the edge.

Lincoln’s Rock can be found at the end Hordern Road, Wentworth Falls. Here you can park your vehicle.

  • Wentworth Falls Lookout

Next stop: The Wentworth Falls Picnic Area. There are two stunning lookout points that can be reached from the area.

The Jamison Lookout is the first lookout point. It is followed by Wentworth Falls Lookout which is a few hundred meters further. These lookouts provide spectacular views of Mount Solitary and the Jamison Valley.

Falls Road is the easiest way to reach Wentworth Falls Picnic Area from the Great Western Highway.

  • Echo Point

We leave Wentworth Falls behind, and we are now heading towards Echo Point. This is the most well-known lookout point in all of the Blue Mountains.

If you have the time and are willing to walk, the Three Sisters Walk is recommended. It leads to the Honeymoon Bridge and connects to the first Three Sisters.

  • Cahill’s Lookout

Although it is close to Echo Point, the next stop attracts far fewer tourists despite its stunning views.

The Cahill’s Lookout is located at the westernmost point on Cliff Drive and offers stunning views of the valley, Megalong Head Rock, Boars Head Rock, and the Narrow Neck Peninsula.

Follow Cliff Drive past Scenic World to reach Cahill’s Lookout. Turn left onto a smaller road which continues as Cliff Drive.

  • Govetts Leap Lookout

Now we are leaving Katoomba and heading towards Blackheath via Great Western Highway. You can reach the impressive Govetts Leap Lookout by turning onto Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath.

There are several short and long hiking trails around the lookout. One leads to the Barrow Lookout from which you can view the Bridal Veil falls.

  • Pulpit Rock

Perhaps the most striking lookout on this Blue Mountains day trip is the last. This is not only because of the stunning views, but also because it was constructed.

Pulpit Rock is basically a multi-tiered lookout that has multiple platforms at different levels. They are connected by a walkway with many sets of stairs.

Drive back to Blackheath from Govetts Lookout. Turn right onto the Great Western Highway. Take Hat Hill Road, and follow the signs for Pulpit Rock.