You started looking for a painter when you decided to paint another space. You might have looked online, or asked your friends. Or maybe you went to the local DIY shop. But how do you find the right painter?

There are horror stories of painters who were rude, sloppy and didn’t do high quality work. How can you tell if you’re getting what you think?

These are three tips to help you identify the type of painter that you are.

1. Ask for three to five references from clients that they have worked for over the past 30-60 calendar days. Ask them to contact you and answer a few questions. A quality painter will be happy to give you names and show you their quality.

2. Ask about the possibility of a project manager and what you can expect during, and after, the project. What preparations will the painters make? Are they allowed to smoke on-site? Are they tidy? Will they clean up paint on the floors? Are they contractors or employees? Asking as many questions as possible about the person who will be working on the job will help you feel more at ease with the painter and ensure that they do a good job.

3. Ask about what is included and what isn’t in the quote. Ask the painters what is excluded and they will list it on the quote. Sometimes a quote will look lower than the others, but only after they have started will you see that the lower quote didn’t cover all the necessary items. Be sure to carefully review all quotes. Ask about the quality of the paint used. This can have a significant impact on the price. You get what you pay for.

These 3 tips will help you know what to expect when hiring your next house painters in auckland.