First, when it comes to DIY, it is always a good thing. But when we consider tile installation, DIY won’t be a feasible approach. You can indeed have the tiles installed, but there is no guarantee of perfection. We want our houses to look in proper functioning order and devoid of any discrepancies. And we bet that DIY tile installation won’t help you achieve your dream house goal in any way. 

So, here are certain aspects of DIY tile installation you should know before giving it a try. 

  • DIY is crazy and fun but needs dexterous hands. 

House owners have always enjoyed working on DIY projects such as DIY home décor or painting a wall. But tile installation requires a profound knowledge of how tiles need to be placed and which tiles are suitable for a particular area. So, if you want to install tiles in your bathroom by yourself, we suggest thinking about it twice. Tiling in Auckland needs expertise more than the fun element. 

  • DIY is time-consuming and not productive as you think. 

Tile installation requires a day or two by an expert. But when you take it up in your hands, it can take around one week. This is because you don’t know how to start and are supposed to learn each aspect before placing a tile on the wall. The learning part certainly takes extra time of yours, and you could be focusing on another project instead. When you hire an installer, you sit back and don’t worry about learning or tile placement. You simply rely on the professional who does his job in silence and with utmost perfection. 

  • DIY is stressful when not done properly. 

If you are not able to install tiles perfectly, it could demand rework and extra tiles too. Yes, there is additional trouble and costs involved, which you had not budgeted for. Whereas, when you hire a tile installer, he provides a finished outcome in the said timeline and specified budget. You can be stress-free as he does the work in your home, and your renovation becomes less pressurized with his involvement. 

  • DIY is expensive as the right tools are needed. 

You need the right equipment and supplies to install tiles in the bathroom. So, add up the expenses of materials even if you minus the labour costs. You can find that the digits are not promising and do not sound like you have saved a chunk of money. But a professional comes with the tools and won’t let you spend money on the same. 

In short, DIY tile installation doesn’t seem to be a feasible plan and needs knowledge and expertise. Instead, relax and hire a competent tile installation company to complete the task.