Technology advancement has brought about innovations in the auto industry. These advances have led to the modification of automobiles by incorporating innovative features to enhance vehicle’s efficiency and conserve gas. One of these features is eco mode, which is the focus of this article.

This leads us to the question: what is eco on a car, and what is its purpose? A lot of car owners are seeking answers to these kinds of questions. Many of them are using this feature in their cars but have never heard of it before, while some are confused or do not know what to do if they see the green warning light come on.

What Is Eco Mode?

Eco Mode is a term used to describe Economic Mode in cars, with the button on the left-hand corner of the wheel of the majority of automobiles. Its primary function is to decrease the maximum fuel consumption by changing the car’s features to ensure that it uses less gas when driving, specifically when driving for shorter distances.

This feature alters the operating mode of your engine and transmission by reducing the speed of response from the throttle, which aids in fuel efficiency. When the throttle’s response speed decreases, this leads to lower fuel use. Be aware that electric vehicles don’t have eco mode because they don’t consume gas.

How To Use Eco Mode

Eco Mode is recommended for driving vehicles operating at moderate or low speeds. For example, taking an excursion to grab an espresso, taking an excursion to the park, or driving at a slower speed are great conditions to use eco mode.

In that regard, eco mode isn’t a good choice for driving across town or long distance. Therefore, if you’re planning to take a long journey and save money somehow, eco mode isn’t the most suitable option for these trips.

Does Eco Mode Harm Your Vehicle?

Whatever the benefits that the economy mode (Eco Mode) features in vehicles, inconsistent misuse of this feature can seriously affect your vehicle’s engine. Experts in the field of automobiles believe that it will only harm the major components of your vehicle when it is used recklessly.

As with the transmission system, it also shifts gears and modes more frequently than usual. This causes the speed of your engine to rise to a high level and reduces the fuel pump’s effectiveness.

The results of this could result in a deficiency of oil within the engine system that puts the whole vehicle at risk for complete destruction. There are specific driving conditions where Eco Mode shouldn’t be used. It answers the question of whether you can be in Eco Mode constantly. Now you are aware.

Do I Need To Drive Using Eco Switched Off Or On?

We’ve already mentioned that there are some conditions under which you shouldn’t activate Eco Mode in your vehicle.

When driving uphill.

If you are driving up a hill or slippery roads, your car needs to shift gears to move effortlessly up the hill, which can improve your fuel efficiency as well as limited when you turn on Eco Mode. You must know that the car will use more fuel when you have Eco Mode enabled when driving uphill.

In the absence of Eco mode, specific capability is required to be able to drive a car up a hill without being able to have the car roll backward in a way that is more difficult for manual vehicles than for automatic.

While driving on the highways.

When driving on highways, you must reach a speed of 62mph while driving. Turning the eco mode on will cause your vehicle to move slowly. This makes speeding difficult. It is therefore recommended to switch off the eco mode when driving on roads and highways to reach your desired speed and then turn it back on once you have left the road.

In the midst of a sunny and hot day.

There is no one who would like to lower their vehicle’s AC level in the heat of the day to cut down on fuel usage. Why? It’s because it makes us feel uncomfortable and sweaty. To keep cool in your vehicle, it’s advised to turn on eco mode. It can make your air conditioner less efficient.

Is Eco Mode Really Save Gas?

Technically speaking, turning on the eco mode feature of your car could help you save some gas; however, from a practical standpoint, putting your foot on the pedal, even if you have the eco mode on, isn’t going to save you any gas. It’s similar to a Plug-in hybrid in that is, when you are constantly banging it around, you’re going to have a hard time-saving fuel.

If your driving habits aren’t the right way, your car will not conserve fuel, even if the eco mode is turned on. They are both a part of your driving style and eco mode. It’s a good idea to state that the effectiveness of a vehicle’s eco-mode function depends heavily on the behavior of the driver. You are now able to answer questions that ask whether eco mode will save fuel.

What Happens When You Turn On Eco Mode?

The switch to turn off the eco mode indicates that you’ll be operating in normal mode. It should be possible to accelerate faster due to a more responsive throttle. It won’t be necessary to push your pedal as often to move faster, and you shouldn’t feel any delays prior to changing the speed of your car.

When you switch off the eco mode, the air conditioning system will function as expected with no restrictions, and the auto temperature control will be able to utilize the most powerful setting for your fan. You may still be able to save some gas when you are driving with good behavior, and your engine is operating properly.

What Speed Can You Go In Green?

When you switch on the eco mode feature, the eco coast free wheel feature is activated. This triggers the engine braking to stop. Thus, your vehicle’s kinetic energy is utilized to move freely during long-distance driving.

When you release the accelerator pedal, the gearbox disconnects instantly from the engine. The speed drops to idle and lowers the consumption of fuel. In this instance, the maximum speed you can achieve should not exceed 140km/h (87mph).

Do Eco-mode Cars Slow Down?

Yes, eco mode allows a car to run at a slower speed to reduce the use of fuel. Speedy driving uses a large amount of fuel, therefore, the eco mode has been activated to stop driving at high speed.

This feature works by making the engine and pedal insensitive to the inputs. This is why, when you push down on your throttle, your car accelerates significantly slower than you expected. If you turn the eco mode option on, your car will slow down.

What Are The Cars That Come With Eco-mode?

Due to the efficacy and importance in the use of eco-mode, a majority of modern automobiles are built using this feature, which increases the endurance and performance of the vehicle. We will examine which cars come with eco mode.

Toyota eco mode

If you have a Toyota car with eco mode features, Don’t be shocked by the auto-regulation of your vehicle’s controls for the cabin when you turn on your eco mode, which includes the air cooling. It’s standard for all Toyota cars to have this feature.

When this mode is turned on, the engine won’t have to work as hard, which means that your vehicle consumes less fuel. Toyota suggests that its customers utilize their eco-mode Toyota function when they stop or slow-moving driving.

Kia/Hyundai eco mode

A few Kia owners may wonder what the term “eco mode” means in the context of a Kia car. An active eco mode on Kai or Hyundai cars is a feature that can really help give the vehicle high fuel efficiency. The mode controls the transaxle as well as the engine. When the driver presses the eco button, a green light will appear, signaling that the vehicle is operating in an economic mode.

Ford eco mode

It’s not a surprise that Ford has an exclusive eco-mode feature. Its eco-mode feature that is installed by this company gives its drivers an ongoing assessment of their behavior in relation to their vehicle’s consumption of fuel.

Ford’s Eco mode function analyses the gear shifts made by drivers as well as speed and braking. In addition, it assesses the number of trips you can take in your car. The eco mode system is part of an electronic trip computer.

When you drive in eco mode, the system collects information and transmits the information to the driver using the dashboard displays. If you are a Ford owner using the eco mode, you will be able to determine the fuel efficiency using three symbols which represent anticipation, gear shift as well as speed.

Through Ford’s Eco Mode system, you will also be able to save money on gas, particularly with the proper way of driving.

Lexus eco mode

Every Lexus vehicle owner who has an eco-mode system can have a pleasant and economical trip. Lexus Eco mode’s version is known as “Drive Mode Select”. It is a comprehensive system that gives Lexus owners the choice of selecting between five options for driving, but it is dependent on the model of the Lexus vehicle you own.

These modes comprise EV Normal, EV, Sport S+, and Eco mode. The mode you choose can be modified to fit your driving style.

Chevrolet eco mode

For Chevrolet vehicles, as well as most general vehicles that are equipped with Eco-mode functions, this mode will disable the torque converter on vehicle, causing the driver to travel at lower speeds. The mode also reduces the vehicle’s engine’s speed while idle and starts to lug once it reaches 50 miles per hour.

How Does Eco Mode Work?

Eco mode can alter the efficiency of a car by limiting its functions in order to reduce the consumption of fuel for the vehicle. But, the impact of eco mode differs with various cars. The way that eco mode functions can be explained in the following manner:

Reduces acceleration.

When you turn the eco on, the vehicle will not accelerate despite the fact that your throttle is closed. This is because of being slow to open the vehicle’s throttle, which can help conserve gas.

Dims the intensity of the car’s lights.

The eco mode decreases the illumination of your car’s interior and exterior lights, which helps to decrease the work of your alternator, providing power to your vehicle’s electrical system when the vehicle is moving. Be aware that the engine of your car also provides power to the alternator.

It shuts off the engine when the point of idle.

In contrast to automatic vehicles, the eco mode shuts off the motors in manual vehicles in the event that the car is not moving, and then it starts the car again when the clutch is applied. In vehicles that are automatic, eco mode shuts down the throttle in order to limit the flow of gas into the engine.

The air conditioning system is affected.

Air conditioning (AC) device is one of the car systems that result in excessive consumption of fuel due to the pressure of your compressor upon the engine. Therefore, when the eco mode is on, it regulates the speed of your compressor and occasionally will shut it down at a certain time.

Alters the transmission’s RPMs.

The eco mode lowers the transmission shift point to lower the amount of fuel consumed by the car as it shifts from a slow speed to a greater speed.

Some Important Tips For Driving In Eco Mode

Now that you’re conscious of the functions of Eco Mode, It’s about time to know how you can optimize the feature and use the function to its fullest. Here are some tips and features that will make your driving experience in Eco Mode more efficient.

Prior to driving:

Examine your air filters.

Air filter inspections are usually performed when you change the oil in your engine. Repairing damaged or blocked air filters can make a difference in reducing your gas consumption.

Make sure to use the right engine oil.

It is essential to make sure that you use the correct engine oil for your car. You may consult with your dealer or leave the work to an expert mechanic. Using the correct oil plays an important role in enhancing the efficiency of your gas.

The engine should be properly turned on.

Make sure your engine is turned ON correctly, so it won’t be unable to pass emissions tests. It could be an issue.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

The tires that are correctly gauged have been proven to last longer than tires that aren’t air gauged. A properly gauged tire is a major contributor to high fuel efficiency in a vehicle.

While driving:

Don’t spend too much time idle.

In excess, idling can consume lots of fuel in all vehicles, particularly those with big engines. To get the most energy efficiency from your vehicle, it is best to avoid idling too much.

Avoid driving at a the speed limit.

This is the primary rule to observe when employing eco mode. The reason is that speeding is against the entire purpose of eco mode. Most often, the gas mileage decreases when driving at speeds that exceed a limit of 60mph.

If you are driving at this speed or at a higher rate, you need to reduce your speed or think about the ways you can save money to purchase gasoline. Also, constantly driving in eco mode could result in your car developing engine issues.

Avoid driving in rough terrain.

The rough driving certainly results in lower gas mileage. This should not be an option. It only leads to fuel waste. To get better efficiency of your fuel when the eco mode is on, it is necessary to practice the right driving habits; otherwise, the eco mode is unusable. Always drive calmly.

Use the cruise control.

Setting your car on cruise control ensures that your vehicle is in a constant state of speed, and it helps to save on fuel.

Why Does My Eco Light Turn On?

In a normal setting on an everyday basis, the flashing of your green light may indicate that your car’s computer system is advising you when your vehicle’s engine performance is close to the mile per gallon. Your computer decides when it is time to switch on your car’s eco light by keeping track of your engine’s RPM, the speed of your car, and the position of your throttle.

In some vehicles, as soon as the green light turns on, certain aspects of the vehicle’s engine start to shift to increase the efficiency of the ecosystem and the timing of ignition as well as the use of fuel, for example.

The latest versions that are part of Honda Accords utilize a technique known as Cylinder Cancellation to cut down on fuel consumption. The green indicator will be displayed to notify the driver that one or more of the engine’s cylinders have been shut off, and this is a normal scenario. Don’t be worried. The ecosystem is trying to conserve your gas.

Be aware that the green light does not show the same indications as the time your Engine check light is lit. If the warning light for your engine is on, the eco light may not be lit due to the loss of the efficiency of your engine.

It is still possible to refer to the manual of your vehicle for exact information about what causes the Eco light to be lit.

How Do You Disable This Indicator?

How to switch off the eco mode in vehicles that are equipped with an eco mode that is automatically activated, such as in certain Toyota Corolla models, you will be able to disable the eco mode by going to the vehicle’s setting> Eco Driving light > Choose Off.

You can disable the indicator for eco-driving on other vehicles by pressing your DISP switch on your steering wheel. As you can see, the process of turning off your eco-driving indicators is as simple as that.

Final words

Eco mode can be an option that everyone should include in their cars. It’s a great method to reduce fuel consumption and money as well. Nice and Easy! By using this mode, you can also maintain your vehicle, thus increasing the durability of your vehicle.

You know what eco means on an automobile and that inconsiderate usage of this mode could cause damage to your car, but so long as you adhere in mind the rules of when you should utilize the eco setting, then your car should not experience any problems when you use this mode. You are more likely to enjoy a significant increase in fuel efficiency.