It’s a fact that marijuana is a strong scent. You might notice that, at times, the scent remains in your car due to various reasons. Perhaps you were driving a person who smoked recently, or maybe that top-of-the-line bud you bought at the store left a scent when you brought it back home.

Smoking in your vehicle can produce a sour smell. We must be reminded to be aware that it’s prohibited for you to smoke marijuana in your vehicle. It is possible to be charged with DUIs or OUIs when you do this. This also makes removing the smell from your car extremely difficult.

In addition, it’s not wise to attract unintentionally. Police are aware of the smell of marijuana, and you could be in serious legal trouble in the event that your car smells like marijuana, even if you’re a medical marijuana user. Apart from the legal implications, there’s a chance that you don’t want your loved ones or relatives to be aware of your status as an individual who is a medical cannabis user, and a car that smells smoky could signal the fact that you’re a player.

How do you remove the stench of marijuana from your vehicle? Let’s see!

How To Get The Weed Smell Out Of Your Car (From Least To Most Effective).

1. Essential oils/Scented oils

If you’ve ever been to the yoga studio, then you’re familiar with the pleasant aroma of essential oils. A lot of people choose to use essential oils in lieu of candles, which can release dangerous carcinogens if they’re burned. The best method of using essential oils is by using an essential oil diffuser, which is essentially what the name suggests. It is a humidifier made to distribute water infused with essential oils. If you want to use these essential oils to get rid of the smell of marijuana in your car, it is possible to use the automobile diffuser.

2. Air fresheners

If you’re looking to get rid of the different odors that can be found within your vehicle, you can always use the air freshener that’s been around for a long time. It doesn’t matter if they’re those Little Trees you can pick at your auto wash in your area or the dispenser for Febreze, air fresheners are an excellent method to cover up or eliminate the smell of marijuana out of your vehicle. Similar to essential diffusers for oil, there are numerous air fresheners designed specifically for vehicles. All you need to do is connect them to your heating or A/C vents.

3. Activated charcoal

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using Smoke Buddy or a spoof or Smoke Buddy, you’ve probably heard of activated charcoal’s capacity to neutralize smells. It is also a great option to eliminate the odor of weed from your car. In most cases, most of the smell of weed is trapped by your car seat, and activated charcoal could be used to eliminate it. Sprinkle a small amount of charcoal on your car seat cushions and seats and let it sit for a while to absorb. The amount of time is contingent on what you’re using it, but activated charcoal is able to absorb odors quite quickly. Then, you’ll be able to vacuum the charcoal, taking out most of the smell of weed during the process. It’s likely not the best idea to attempt this on white or lighter-colored furniture.

4. Sprinkling baking soda

Baking soda is an effective way to remove odors from carpets used in automobiles.

Sprinkle baking soda all over your seats and carpets functions similarly to activated charcoal, but it won’t contaminate the white upholstery. Many people are amazed by the effectiveness of baking soda in eliminating unpleasant smells. In the end, its effectiveness has everything to be due to the chemical process of baking soda. Baking soda can be described as an alkaline chemical which means it neutralizes strong acidic smells. If your car smells like marijuana, You can try sprinkles of baking soda onto your seats and carpets. The baking soda should remain for a period of 24 hours prior to taking it off by vacuuming to eliminate most of the marijuana smell.

5. Ozium

Ozium is a kind of air freshener heavy-duty specially designed to neutralize smells resulting caused by smoke or airborne bacteria. If the smell of weed in your car was the result of smoking cigarettes, Ozium might be more effective than the typical air freshener because of its style. It is made up of tiny particles that stick to airborne particles that produce different odors, particularly smoke-related particles. It is available in the form of a spray or gel form. It can be applied by spraying it all over your car or by applying it on the affected area.

6. Ozone generators

Don’t make use of an ozone generator within the vehicle when animals or people are in it.

Some people suggest the use of Ozone Generators to act as an odor-removing agent. There is no consensus in science on the effectiveness of this product. However, some researchers have concluded that it is possible that it could be efficient in getting rid of odors, particularly the ones caused by second-hand smoke.

If you’re thinking of employing an ozone generator in order to get rid of the weed smell, Be sure to be aware of these points Ozone at ground level is deemed to be harmful to your health and is classified as a pollutant in the air according to the EPA. If you decide to employ one to get rid of odors in your car, ensure that you’re not in the vehicle when it’s operating. Be sure to let your car fully cool before you drive.

7. Deep clean your car

The car should be given a thorough cleaning is the most effective method to get rid of any smell of cannabis. This can involve using a dry vacuum in the interior as well as taking care to clean all surfaces in your vehicle using the proper cleaners, such as Windex for the interior of your windshield and windows and Armorall for your consoles and dashboards. Since all odors are gaseous and therefore, there are a variety of places for the weed smell to get stuck to your car. It’s possible that a marijuana odor has clung to almost every surface in the interior of your vehicle and especially on your headlining. If the smell is intense, extensive cleaning might be required to eliminate the smell. This will not only help eliminate the smell of weed and weeds, but it can also make your car smell fresh and clean.

8. Avoid the smell in the first place

There is nothing that works in the same way as completely avoiding any scent in the first place. In all honesty, your vehicle will not smell as if it smelled of marijuana if you do not smoke or carry weed inside your vehicle. It’s a challenge if you travel to the nearest dispensary to purchase your weed. You can minimize the possibility of persistent odors arising from your purchases if you only purchase vapes that are sealed tightly or concentrates. Or edibles. Many consumers like a flower, which can leave an unpleasant odor inside your car, even if you’re not smoking it. It is possible to avoid the smell by putting your purchase in an airtight bag, canister, or jar for your trip home. You can also use the cannabis delivery company or a designated person to purchase your items.

So, there you are. Here’s our list of various methods you could attempt to eliminate the smell of marijuana from your vehicle. It’s unlawful to drink or smoke cannabis inside your vehicle, even if you’re driving it. Please don’t ever take the wheel while intoxicated by marijuana. There’s no excuse to drive when high.