Doing things by yourself can be a hobby, a chalet, and sometimes an obsession. But one has to note that not all the jobs and house chores can be done via DIY. However, enthusiastic people find a way to practice DIY and there is nothing bad about it. You just need to follow the standards to get the results like professionals. If house inspection is something you have been trying to DIY, then you must keep in mind that your findings may be fulfilling to you but you cannot certify the inspection report since you are not authorized to do so. If you still want to do it for your fulfillment, then read on to know how you can conduct a DIY house inspection.

DIY Home Inspection

Neutral Nudges

Let’s be honest here, you will always have some leniency towards your approach since you are reviewing your house. If you want to conduct a house inspection like Professional House Inspectors, then you need to be neutral. You need to pinpoint the highs and lows of the house and highlight areas that need extensive repairs. Also, you can take the help of internet blogs and videos to know more about the investigation methods of pros. This way, you can officially declare yourself as a self-proclaimed house inspector! After all, all DIY jobs make you a self-proclaimed repairman.

Uncharted Locations

You might have not visited some areas of the house even if you are the homeowner. This is because you don’t have to. Your house help or the repairmen have done your job ever since and that’s why you might not know what is the status of the washroom in the backyard or the walls of the garage. However, when you want to investigate a house for Home Inspection in Independence KY, you have to call on these uncharted locations and see what is happening out there. Also, if selling the house is something you are looking forward to, then you also might have to start getting them repaired. In the end, it is the house inspector’s report that will make or break the deal of your house.


The last stage of a house inspection done by yourself is making a report. Though this report will be noticed by no one but you, even then you should make efforts to complete the task just as you started. Note down the vital points that may make a difference to the report, then make a list of such points. Also, don’t forget that a report of the inspection is not only about negative opinions, you can always mention some special references that can hype the house’s popularity up. Once you are done looking at all the findings, proceed to draft a detailed report.

Doing a house inspection will be both educating and fun when you follow this advice.