The summer is often the roughest season on your vehicle. The added heat and strain of the air conditioning system can lead to breakdowns and being marooned. These are some great DIY ( Do It Yourself ) tips for your vehicle this summer that may keep you going and reduce repairs.

DIY Car Maintenance

  1. Cooling system flush. This costs about $60-$80 and is vital as residue, rust, metal particles, etc… Will block up your system and reduce its efficacy. If your cooling system is compromised it can cause engine overheating and really substantial repairs or total engine failure.
  2. Battery test. Take your automobile to a car parts store and have the battery checked. Most will do this for free. They’ll also clean your battery wires and terminals. Sulfuric acid build up will corrode and worsen the links which can end up in a dead battery or other electric problem. A bad battery won’t hold the right charge and, particularly in traffic on a sunny day can leave you marooned. Believe strongly in the Peter Principle and be ready for it. If something can or will fail it’ll possibly do it when you expect it least and when it will effect you the most. Be prepared by testing your battery and replacing if required.
  3. Change the oil and transmission liquid replace filters. Have this professionally done as an engineer can tell you of alarm signals with oil color, smell, etc… That may warn of upcoming or future issues. They’ll top off and check all mandatory fluids for your vehicle. They’ll also check the belts, hoses, tires and more if you ask. As a rule, have the oil replaced each 4,500 miles.
  4. Do not forget to look after your car’s finish. You need the paint to stay in good condition for as long as practicable.

Wash the auto constantly as bird dropping, acid rain, mud, etc… Can mess up the finish. Apply wax and sealant to offer protection to the paint from the sun, salt and climate conditions. Don’t neglect your headlights, which can become clouded and will not operate also. New Lite Headlight repair Cleaner and Restorer will return clouded headlights to love new condition. These glorious DIY tips will keep your automobile running all summer long, make it safer, and make it seem great.