Before dawn on Thursday, machines brought in workers to demolish the Amish schoolhouse with one room. A gunman had shot five girls and wounded five more.

Floodlights were used to illuminate the area. Fire police closed the road and heavy equipment was used to tear down the roof and walls. Courtney Monie, CBS affiliate WHPTV.

The Amish are known for their ability to build buildings without modern technology. However, they relied on an outside demolition crew with heavy equipment to close the chapter in their peaceful community.

As an excavator started removing the school’s porch at 4:45 a.m. heavy equipment quickly knocked down and toppled the walls.

Since the Oct. 2 shootings, the schoolhouse was boarded up and schooling had been moved to a nearby property. The Amish wanted to find some closure to the tragedy and raze the schoolhouse, leaving behind a peaceful pasture.

Backhoes started to scoop the rubble into dump trucks and began hauling it to a landfill. By 7:30 AM, all the debris was gone from the site, leaving only a barren, muddy patch.

Reports Monie. The families believe that removing this reminder of the tragedy is a way to bring closure.

Mike Hart, a spokesperson for the Bart Fire Company said that he believed the Amish leaders made a right decision as loaders loaded debris into dump trucks for haulage.

An Amish group of 20-30 people, mostly Amish, watched as the schoolhouse was torn down. Hart stated that it seemed like the schoolhouse was being demolished as a way to bring closure.

The demolition of West Nickel Mines ” Amish ” school came one week after the solemn burials of four of five girls who were killed by Charles Carl Roberts VI. Roberts arrived armed with a shotgun. He also had a rifle, handgun, and stun gun. After shooting the girls, he committed suicide.

Five of the five wounded girls in the shooting on Oct. 2 are believed to still be in hospital. Families have requested that the hospitals stop disclosing information about their loved ones.

Hart previously stated that classes would resume this week at a temporary schoolhouse located in a garage on the Nickel Mines Amish farm.