Make Meaning is an entertainment environment focused on fun with creativity! It’s the ultimate crafting destination!  We offer a wide variety of hands-on activities including for kids and adults of all ages. Make Meaning is also an award winning events destination, offering celebrations from birthday parties to corporate events and more.

How does it work?

To visit Make Meaning, you can just walk in to one of our locations. All of our activities are available on a walk-in basis. To plan a special outing, party or corporate event, you can learn more in our PARTY PLANNING section.

Do you offer classes?

Make Meaning’s activities are designed so that everyone who walks in or has a party with us will receive top notch service from our ACEs – our Associate Creativity Enthusiasts, who will assist you at your table or within an event setting and provide all of the instruction, tips, tricks, tools and inspiration to create something amazing.

How much does it cost?

Prices are all-inclusive and will vary based on the activity or party you choose, and start at $14.99 for Plaster Painting. We don’t have any sitting fees or added charges.

Do you have activities for adults too?

Absolutely! Make Meaning is a great spot for date night or adult birthdays, wedding celebrations and corporate team building events.

What if I can’t get to Make Meaning? Can Make Meaning come to me?

If you live within driving distance to our stores, we can bring the fun to you for playdates or birthday parties! We also offer craft activities for off-site events including bar and bat mitzvahs, bring your child to work day, and more.

WHO came up with this incredible idea (and how did it happen)?

Dan Nissanoff, Make Meaning’s Founder and CEO, was always a maker. It started with model airplanes (he still builds those today) and later grew into a career as a serial entrepreneur — he made two unique ideas into wildly successful companies. He also made babies — with his wife Amy — a son and a daughter who became the inspiration to make his next BIG THING. Dan and Amy’s kids were also makers – and Dan was amazed by how excited his kids would become when given the opportunity to explore their creativity by making things on their own. He also watched them get frustrated – when the projects were too hard or not as fun as they had imagined. The best part was not really the things they made but the FUN they had making stuff – together. That’s when the magic happened – the best conversations, the loudest laughs and the coziest connections. And with all this good stuff going on, the iPhones became a little easier to ignore.

And that is what made Dan’s “a-ha” moment.

Dan’s vision for Make Meaning was to make a world-class entertainment destination where kids and adults could come to have fun with creativity – making things together. At Make Meaning, from a table for two to a mega celebration – the Guest experiences the magic of making served up in an all-fun, no-fail way within a dynamic, inspiring environment like none other. Make Meaning’s Creative Experiences are specially designed to engage Guests of all ages, from Ceramics and Glass Design to Cake Decorating, Soap Making, Candle Making and more. The staff of Associate Creativity Enthusiasts (A.C.E.s!) entertains by serving up the tools, the tips and tricks and techniques to assure an awesome outcome and a guaranteed frustration-free FUN time. In other words – we do the hard stuff, so you can don’t have to (and that includes the clean up!)

And why should kids have all the fun? Dan wanted a place where adults could also flex their creative muscle in a grown up way. All activities are carefully designed to appeal to every age and stage – from Mommy and Me to Mom’s Night Out. Make Meaning currently has five locations and many more in the making ; ). Right at this very moment, our Guests are making memories out of moments, celebrating major milestones or dropping in to make their next favorite thing. All that’s missing is you.