Dressing for the cold is simple. There are a variety of textures and styles to choose from, as well as a wide range of footwear options.

Summer dresses can be a bit more challenging. Summer brings many wonderful things, including barbecues, a beer garden, and bronzed skin. However, it also reduces the wardrobe options.

Looking good comes in second. Some tried-and-tested warm-weather outfits tick both boxes. You’ll never be stuck in a style rut during the summer if you master these seasonal outfits.

Ape’s ultimate summer wardrobe hit list includes everything from the perfect wedding attire to the perfect office outfit.

Breton with Chinos

France is credited with a lot of contributions to fashion. But the Breton Top, which has been around for centuries and can be worn in many different ways, is one of their most versatile and timeless creations. This striped pullover was first introduced in 1858 as the uniform of the French Navy. It is now a wardrobe staple.

The Breton is available in both long- and short-sleeved styles. It’s a great way to tone down prints. Keep the accompanying clothing simple and uncluttered: a navy chino with cuffed hems will work well, whether worn with leather sneakers or Derby shoes, depending on the occasion.

Office Heatwave

When temperatures start to rise, the workplace can be a challenging place to work. A few wardrobe changes can make the summer at work a bit more bearable.

The first rule is to get rid of anything unnecessary. To instantly make your outfits lighter, start with the belt and tie. The next step is to change the fabric. Instead of wool or Oxford cloth, opt for linen or poplin. You can even ask for the back panel of a tailored shirt to be made from voile fabric to make it more breathable.

Combine your favorite sunglasses with a pair of suede Derbies.

Shorts and Shirt

While Shorts will never be part of the Black-tie Uniform, it would be remiss not to dress them up. A simple shorts and shirt combo is suitable for most smart casual Summer situations, as long as it’s not worn to Buckingham Palace.

Start with a pair of premium shoes. Choose a slip-on style for added style. Choose tailored or chino-style shorts with a neutral color. (Beige and navy work well). Add a shirt that fits well. It can be a solid color, a pastel summer shade, or subtly patterned. Vertical stripes are slim and are on trend.

Summer Wedding Separates

Anyone who has ever stood in the sun in a three-piece dark suit will be shivering. Enter separates.

When attending a wedding, you can experiment with color by contrasting your top and bottom. A cream jacket is used to keep the temperature down, while navy trousers help to ground things. This is a timeless and successful combination.

Warm-Weather Layering

Layering the shirt and the t-shirt together will dress them up at once. This combination is ideal for summer weekends, especially when the shirt is short-sleeved, and the T-shirt is in crisp white cotton.

Keep the rest of your look casual and relaxed. Legwear can be as simple as jeans. Consider stonewashed denim for a more relaxed look or raw jeans if you want something a bit sharper. Whatever you choose, finish it off with white sneakers. Don’t be shy to show your ankle.

Get Tucked

Want to instantly transform your look to one that is more Parisian than pedestrian? All you need is a simple tucked-in tee. It used to be that tucking shirts into trousers was a thing for middle-aged men. But now there is a new style, and if you look at the temperature, it’s no longer acceptable.

Make sure your tee fits perfectly. The arm seams of the shirt should be positioned at the shoulders and the hem just above your hips. After you’ve checked that off, it’s time to think about your legwear. If you want to look good in tailored pants, cropped pants are a great option. If you want to wear them in a more casual setting, try denim or Chinos.

Beach To Bar

Why should Richard Branson get all the fun? The linen shirts have an aging hippy reputation, but you would be doing yourself a grave disservice if you excluded them from your summer wardrobe.

Legwear is the key to achieving this beachy look. Instead of matching trousers, opt for tailored shorts. These shorts are smart and practical, allowing you to go from the beach straight to the bar. They exude Riviera sophistication. You can finish off your look with leather shoes.

Summer Business Casual

Dressing for summer doesn’t mean dressing sloppily. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s possible to look stylish and appropriate for the season at the same.

It’s worth investing in a good summer boot. The suede loafer will always look great as long as it is worn with cropped trousers and no-show socks. This is the perfect time to wear your white denim or chinos.

Choose a contrast jacket to wear over a high-quality T-shirt, polo shirt, or similar.

Fresh Prints

The winter may offer a wider range of clothing options, but summer is the best time to choose prints and patterns. A printed shirt can be a great choice for warm weather, especially if you’re looking to make a statement.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated. The perfect anchor for a button-up with a pattern is chinos. Choose a neutral color, such as beige or green. Match them with the base color of your shirt to make it look cohesive. Cuff them a bit to let those ankles breathe.